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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter One, where are the two men from who attack Brigham and Coll on the trail to Glenroe?
(a) They are robbers from Edinburgh.
(b) They are from the Campbell clan.
(c) They are from the MacDonald Clan.
(d) They are English soldiers from Inverness.

2. Their are 3,000 men when they capture what city after a short battle?
(a) London.
(b) Edinburgh.
(c) Perth.
(d) Inverness.

3. Who does Bringham warn to leave London soon?
(a) Alice Beesley.
(b) Miltway.
(c) Viscount Leighton.
(d) Parkins.

4. What does Brigham say to Fiona when he comes down to the ball?
(a) He tells her she is almost as beautiful as her daughter.
(b) He asks her for a dance sometime that evening.
(c) He says he is in love with her daughter.
(d) He tells her to keep the women busy while the men meet to discuss war.

5. As the battle starts at Drumossie Moor, what happens to the Highlanders?
(a) Some step on land mines and are killed.
(b) They are too hungry to fight.
(c) They are cut down by the English.
(d) Several run away.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who exercises privileges by claiming a dance with Serena?

2. Who shows up when Serena and the family are hiding in the cave?

3. At the end of Chapter Seven, what does Serena think Brigham is asking her?

4. What does Ian plan to disguise the meeting of the clans?

5. What does Brigham think about Serena while she tends his wound?

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