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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Thirteen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Whtesmouth tell Brigham about the fight to come?
(a) He is ready to return home.
(b) They are about to lose a big battle.
(c) He is ready for a good fight.
(d) The troops lose their momentum in Edinburgh.

2. After Serena goes to Brigham's room, what does Brigham say to assure Serena of his feelings for her?
(a) She is beautiful.
(b) She is the wife and woman he needs.
(c) He never looks at another woman.
(d) He thinks of her every minute he is gone.

3. What does Serena insist Malcolm do when he wants to visit Coll?
(a) Take a nap.
(b) Change his dirty shoes.
(c) Go outside.
(d) Get washed up.

4. In Chapter 13, what does Brigham ask Serena to do if something happens to him?
(a) To be careful on the road back to Glenroe.
(b) To make sure they have a hiding place in case they are attacked at Glenroe.
(c) If she is with child, to name the child after his father.
(d) To get the chest and strongbox in his chamber.

5. What is Brigham hoping happens while he is away from Serena?
(a) He hopes she is not there when he returns.
(b) He hopes he gets over the way he feels about her.
(c) He hopes he forgets her.
(d) He hopes she misses him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Coll do when Ian tells them he invites Maggie MacDonald to visit?

2. What news does Brigham have for Serena after he comes to their room and finds her crying in Chapter 13?

3. What treasured item does Brigham pack to take with him on his trip to Scotland?

4. How does Brigham reply when Coll seems impatient for the war to begin?

5. Where does Prince Charles begin his march to war?

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