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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Five.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Brigham Langston's title?
(a) Duke of Earle.
(b) Captain Langston.
(c) The fourth earl of Ashburn.
(d) Duke of Langston.

2. In Chapter One, where are the two men from who attack Brigham and Coll on the trail to Glenroe?
(a) They are English soldiers from Inverness.
(b) They are from the Campbell clan.
(c) They are robbers from Edinburgh.
(d) They are from the MacDonald Clan.

3. Who is Serena MacGregor?
(a) The middle child of the MacGregor's.
(b) A woman who becomes a spy for Scottland.
(c) The lovely oldest daughter of Ian and Fiona.
(d) Leader of the MacGregor's inner circle.

4. In Chapter Four why does Mrs. Drummond make certain Fiona doesn't hear what she is saying to Serena?
(a) They are discussing Coll's condition.
(b) They are talking about delicate matters.
(c) They are discussing politics.
(d) They are planning a surprise party for Fiona.

5. What does Malcolm say when he meets Brigham?
(a) He asks if Brigham is the English pig.
(b) He asks if he is the man who saves his brother's life.
(c) He laughs and tells Brigham Serena hates him.
(d) He says he is happy to meet Brigham.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Serena greet Brigham when he arrives at Glenroe?

2. Why does Gwen tell Brigham he needs rest?

3. What happens to Serena when Brigham finally kisses her in Chapter Four?

4. Why is there blood on Serena's dress in Chapter Five?

5. Who are the Jacobites?

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