Rebellion Character Descriptions

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Serena MacGregor. - This main character is lovely, stubborn and opinionated.

Brigham Langston, Earl of Ashburn. - Though English, this main character wants to see the rightful Prince regain the throne.

Coll MacGregor. - This character is the brother of one main character and best friend to the other.

Parkins. - This character is a valet for two generations of Langstons.

Fiona MacGregor. - This character shows her strength after overcoming a brutal attack.

Ian MacGregor. - This character is the leader of his Scottish clan and father of the main character.

Maggie MacDonald. - This character is the best friend to the main character and has her heart set on that character's brother.

Gwen MacGregor. - This young Scot is known for her medicinal skills.

Malcolm MacGregor. - This youngest member of the family who wants to fight the English just like his brother.

Mrs. Drummond...

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