Rebellion Character Descriptions

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Serena MacGregor.

This main character is lovely, stubborn and opinionated.

Brigham Langston, Earl of Ashburn.

Though English, this main character wants to see the rightful Prince regain the throne.

Coll MacGregor.

This character is the brother of one main character and best friend to the other.


This character is a valet for two generations of Langstons.

Fiona MacGregor.

This character shows her strength after overcoming a brutal attack.

Ian MacGregor.

This character is the leader of his Scottish clan and father of the main character.

Maggie MacDonald.

This character is the best friend to the main character and has her heart set on that character's brother.

Gwen MacGregor.

This young Scot is known for her medicinal skills.

Malcolm MacGregor.

This youngest member of the family who wants to fight the English just like his brother.

Mrs. Drummond.

This character, who is a cook for the Scottish family...

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