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Discworld - This is the fantasy world in which the novel is staged.

Unseen University - This is the wizard's university in the book.

Ankh-Morpork - This is one of the larger, more populous cities in the book and also the primary setting for much of Reaper Man.

Death's Domain - This is the dimensional realm where Death resides.

Death's Study - This is the office located in death's domain.

Death's Scythe - This is the instrument that Death uses to reap the souls of the recently deceased.

Death's Lifetimer - This counts down the moments of Death's life.

The Combination Harvester - This is a machine used for harvesting large quantities of corn.

Snowglobes - These are different landmarks of Ankh-Morpork and are labeled with crude writing on the underside.

The Mall - This is a creature construct that houses the mall queen and her attending...

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