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• At the beginning of the book, the narrator describes the annual Morris dance that celebrates life and renewal to the townspeople.

• The Auditors of Reality are gray figures that stand and discuss the fact that Death has developed a personality and must be removed from his position.

• Azrael, a supreme god, oversees the meeting but doesn't act interested in the proceedings.
• Death learns that he is scheduled to die and sends his human assistant, Albert, away and departs on his horse, Blinky, to spend his remaining time on Discworld.

• The narrator compares Mayflies and pine trees when discussing life, saying the former only lived one day but the latter have been living for thousands of years.

• Windle Poons is a 130-year-old wizard who is about to die and is surrounded by friends.
• Soon, Windle asks for a meat pie and dies, but Death is not present...

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