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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Max goes to help Charlotte in the kitchen and she allows him to _________.
(a) Select spices.
(b) Make the dip.
(c) Make drinks.
(d) Chop vegetables.

2. Charlotte asks Henry if he has a favorite book and he replies __________.
(a) Tom Sawyer.
(b) Life on the Mississippi.
(c) Finnegan's Wake.
(d) House of Cards.

3. All of the following died in the same plane crash except ________.
(a) Buddy Holly.
(b) The Everly Brothers.
(c) Richie Valens.
(d) The Big Bopper.

4. Henry says that lots of _________are only good for fetching drinks.
(a) Women.
(b) Men.
(c) Authors.
(d) Secretaries.

5. ________ used to eat like a horse until she had one.
(a) Bobbi.
(b) Charlotte.
(c) Debbie.
(d) Annie.

Short Answer Questions

1. Henry reminds Charlotte of a time they were in _______ that had an open air dance hall.

2. Max asks Charlotte about the _______ in Geneva.

3. The character that Annie is reading in the play is called ________.

4. Charlotte puts on a record which is the correct one Henry has been looking for. The name of the song is _________.

5. Annie states that ______, a member of the committee is willing to do the play.

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the position of Annie at the start of this scene. Where is she and what is she doing?

2. What does Max shout to the person who has opened the door at the start of the play?

3. What does Annie tell Billy as he continues to flirt with her on the train to Scotland?

4. What does Max accuse Annie of during the dispute with the handkerchief during this particular scene?

5. What are the indications that time has passed as this particular scene opens up to the audience?

6. What does Annie admit to not feeling guilty about during this particular scene?

7. What is the topic of small talk discussing between Brodie and Henry during this scene?

8. What does Charlotte say would actually happen if Henry were to catch her having an affair, rather than what happens in the actual play?

9. What is Max building as a door opens offstage at the start of this play's first scene in Act 1?

10. What does Debbie reveal during a long speech that she has learned about sex?

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