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Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the intruders to Nafisi's house go once they are in her house?

2. Why does the professor ask Nima if his wife brainwashed him?

3. Nassrin describes herself as being in the middle of what for her whole life?

4. What happens to the everyday lives of Nafisi and her students as a result of the secret class?

5. Why is Nafisi worried about her students?

Short Essay Questions

1. Azin asks the group if a woman has the same right as a man to enjoy sex. Why does this question surprise the group?

2. Why does Nafisi agree with Nabokov's statement that every great novel is a fairy tale?

3. Why do Mitra and the other students find the Thursday study group to be significant?

4. How is the generation of Nafisi's students different from the generation of Nafisi and her peers?

5. Why is there a difference between the students' level of comfort in talking about themselves and their level of comfort in discussing the novels?

6. According to Nafisi, what is life like for a "normal Iranian citizen"?

7. What factors cause Nafisi to resign from her position at the university?

8. Why does Nafisi include Part 1, Chapter 12 in her memoir?

9. What happens to disrupt the class discussion in Chapter 17?

10. Why do the magician and Nafisi enjoy each other's company so much?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Part 3, Chapter 18, Nafisi describes a "perfectly equipped failure." In Part 3, Chapter 26, Nafisi provides characteristics of a traditional heroine. Using the descriptions and characteristics provided in these chapters, write an essay that addresses the following questions:

1) Would Laleh be considered a heroine or a perfectly equipped failure?

2) Would Razieh be considered a heroine or a perfectly equipped failure?

3) Which does Nafisi consider more worthy of admiration, a heroine or a perfectly equipped failure?

Essay Topic 2

Nafisi presents several male students as passionate about the values of the Islamist Republic of Iran. In what ways are Mr. Bahri, Mr. Nyazi, and Mr. Ghomi similar? In what ways are they different? Which one of those students is portrayed as being in closest agreement with the regime? What evidence supports your choice?

Essay Topic 3

Nafisi opens the book by asking the reader to imagine the secret class. She ends the book by wondering if she imagined the magician. Throughout the memoir, she mentions imagination in connection to the Iranian regime, to the authors of the fictional novels she teaches, and in the lives of herself and her students. What is the role of imagination in "Reading Lolita in Tehran"? How do each of those characters (the regime, the authors, Nafisi, her students) view imagination?

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