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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part 3, Chapter 9, what author does Nafisi discuss with the magician?
(a) Hammett.
(b) Twain.
(c) Nabokov.
(d) Shakespeare.

2. In Part 2, Chapter 12, why does Nafisi decide to cancel class?
(a) So she can have more time to read books.
(b) So she can demonstrate against the government taking over the university.
(c) So she can go to a meeting to protest the government's requirement that women wear a veil in public.
(d) Because her students are not coming to class, and she doesn't want to teach to an empty room.

3. What political event described at the beginning of Chapter 9 sets the tone for the subsequent actions of Nafisi's students?
(a) The arrest of a popular professor for refusing to follow the regime's laws.
(b) The invasion of Iran by Iraq.
(c) The overthrow of the leadership of the University of Tehran.
(d) The student occupation of the American Embassy in Tehran.

4. What is Nafisi's occupation after she leaves Iran?
(a) She is a mentor for Iranian graduate students.
(b) She is a teacher and writer.
(c) She is a demonstrator against the Iranian regime.
(d) She is an Iranian travel guide.

5. Why does Nafisi say the dream in "The Great Gatsby" is not a comment on America as a materialistic county?
(a) Because the novel does not include any rich characters.
(b) The dream represents Nick's inability to be honest as a narrator.
(c) Because "The Great Gatsby" is about wanting to be richer than your neighbors.
(d) Because the dream is about what one can become, not about money.

Short Answer Questions

1. What project is Nassrin working on?

2. How does Nafisi describe the Iranian perception of America?

3. How does the class study of "The Great Gatsby" affect Nafisi?

4. Who is Mr. Bahir?

5. In Part 4, Chapter 20, what does Nassrin decide to do?

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