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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part 2, Chapter 12, why does Nafisi decide to cancel class?
(a) So she can have more time to read books.
(b) Because her students are not coming to class, and she doesn't want to teach to an empty room.
(c) So she can go to a meeting to protest the government's requirement that women wear a veil in public.
(d) So she can demonstrate against the government taking over the university.

2. Why is Nafisi uncomfortable with Mr. Bahir's action at the end of Part 2, Chapter 6?
(a) She does not wish to shake hands with a student.
(b) By placing his hands behind his back, he negates her gesture of goodwill.
(c) She does not know him well and his presence feels threatening.
(d) His action forces her to report him to the police.

3. To what does Manna compare her fictional self?
(a) A steady green light.
(b) A Rodin statue.
(c) A strong tree.
(d) A beautiful memory.

4. Why do the students begin to keep vigils at the University of Tehran?
(a) They are tired of going to class and want to be part of the Revolution.
(b) To encourage the government to close down the university.
(c) To prevent the university from being closed down by the government.
(d) They are protesting the expulsion of their favorite professors.

5. What is Mina's job?
(a) Teacher.
(b) Baker.
(c) Translator.
(d) Mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Ramin?

2. In Part 3, Chapter 9, what author does Nafisi discuss with the magician?

3. How is Mr. Nahvi like Jane Austen's character Elizabeth Bennet?

4. What is Nafisi's occupation after she leaves Iran?

5. Which character is the main subject of Part 3, Chapter 27?

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