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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Nafisi learn of her father's arrest?
(a) She heard her mother telling her sister.
(b) The government came to her house.
(c) She was pulled out of her sophomore class in Switzerland.
(d) Her father told her many years later.

2. Who is the villain in "Lolita"?
(a) The individual with the imaginative mind.
(b) Humbert.
(c) The director of the summer camp.
(d) Lolita.

3. Who was Nafisi's father?
(a) The youngest mayor of Tehran in pre-revolutionary Iran.
(b) The director of a high school in Switzerland.
(c) A troubled businessman.
(d) A famous author.

4. In Chapter 14, what question does Mitra ask about "Lolita"?
(a) Why are we reading this novel?
(b) Why does Humbert try to control Lolita?
(c) Why does Lolita continue to stay with Humbert?
(d) Why do people find pleasure in reading such a horrible story?

5. At the beginning of Chapter 16, what are Nafisi and her male acquaintance discussing?
(a) Where to find food and books in Tehran.
(b) The types of literature that should be discussed in a private study group.
(c) What happened when the University of Tehran was closed.
(d) How life in the Islamic Republic has turned everyday activities into exciting secret missions.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chapter 15 presents a clear parallel between the character of Humbert and which group of people?

2. How does Nafisi structure the first class sessions?

3. How do the Iranian authorities view the country's past?

4. What type of author do the students seem most interested in studying?

5. What does Nassrin's mother teach her daughter?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Nafisi, what is life like for a "normal Iranian citizen"?

2. Why does Nafisi call Catherine in "Washington Square" the inverse of our ideas about what a heroine should be?

3. What are the similarities between Sanaz's experience in jail and the experience of Cincinnatus in "Invitation to a Beheading"? What are the differences between their experiences?

4. Why does Nafisi include Part 1, Chapter 12 in her memoir?

5. How are Mr. Ghoni's statements about "Daisy Miller" in Part 3, Chapter 15, similar to Mr. Nyazi's statements in Part 3, Chapters 17 and 18, about "The Great Gatsby"?

6. Why does the magician tell Nafisi she should return to teaching?

7. What does Nafisi do during her time as a member of the Iranian Student Movement?

8. In Part 3, Chapter 14, why does Nafisi describe her students in such detail?

9. In Part 1, Chapter 18, the room where the class meets becomes a character. How does Nafisi describe the room?

10. Why does Nafisi ask her children about their memories of Iran?

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