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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part 2, Chapter 23, what are Mr. Nyazi and another student arguing about?
(a) Whether or not the government intends to close down the universities.
(b) The morality of "The Great Gatsby."
(c) Whether or not Nafisi should be expelled from the university.
(d) The value of teaching "The Great Gatsby" in an Islamic society.

2. Who are the Mujahedeen?
(a) A radical religious organization that claims to be the spiritual and political heir of the deceased Ayatollah Taleghani.
(b) The leaders of the University of Tehran.
(c) The members of a radical student organization at the University of Tehran.
(d) A group called the Party of Allah.

3. Why does Nafisi collect pictures of martyrs during the war?
(a) She sees the war as a sign that she should become more religious.
(b) They are evidence that the government has committed war crimes.
(c) She knows many of the people who are killed and wants to have a reminder of their lives.
(d) It is a superstitious action, a way to deal with forces outside her control.

4. Why does Nafisi form a friendship with Jeff?
(a) They are both actively demonstrating against the Iranian government.
(b) Because her relationship with her husband is strained, and she is lonely.
(c) Jeff is one of her best students, and they enjoy discussing literature together.
(d) They both enjoy having a friend who speaks English and has memories of America.

5. Why is Nafisi uncomfortable with Mr. Bahir's action at the end of Part 2, Chapter 6?
(a) She does not wish to shake hands with a student.
(b) She does not know him well and his presence feels threatening.
(c) By placing his hands behind his back, he negates her gesture of goodwill.
(d) His action forces her to report him to the police.

6. In Part 4, Chapter 12, where do Nafisi and her husband go?
(a) To a concert.
(b) To a cafe.
(c) To the movies.
(d) To a lecture by a famous author.

7. In Part 3, Chapter 3, what do Laleh and Nafisi discuss at the restaurant?
(a) Laleh's expulsion from the University of Tehran.
(b) Nafisi's expulsion from the University of Tehran.
(c) The actions of the Committee on Cultural Revolution.
(d) Laleh's decision to become a seamstress.

8. What does Nafisi teach during her first semester as a professor at the University of Tehran?
(a) A large seminar using banned books.
(b) A small study group related to the works of Nabokov.
(c) A large seminar called Research.
(d) Classes in English as a Second Language.

9. Which character is the main subject of Part 3, Chapter 27?
(a) The Kid.
(b) Yassrin.
(c) Mahtab.
(d) Manna.

10. What right does Nafisi fantasize about being added to the Bill of Rights?
(a) The right to free access to imagination.
(b) The right to not wear a veil or head scarf.
(c) The right to travel in and out of Iran without fear.
(d) The right to teach Western literature in Iran.

11. Why does Yassi walk faster then suddenly stop when she is out with a gentleman caller?
(a) She wants to see if he understands the game and would be a good match for her.
(b) She is trying to escape the chaperones, but finally realizes it is useless.
(c) She is surprised by the police who make her afraid, then she realizes that the gentleman will help protect her.
(d) She wants to avoid spending much time with the gentleman caller, then realizes that he is a good match.

12. Azin is described as having what noticeable characteristic?
(a) Bright red fingernail polish.
(b) A bright blue head scarf.
(c) Red, pouty lips.
(d) Long, thick brown hair.

13. How does the class study of "The Great Gatsby" affect Nafisi?
(a) She learns that she is really an American, not an Iranian.
(b) She becomes sad, because her students do not enjoy the novel.
(c) She gains insight into her feelings and desires about her work and the meaning of literature in her life.
(d) She discovers that she loves teaching revolutionary novels.

14. In Part 4, Chapter 24, why do the girls have to sit in the back room of the restaurant?
(a) The girls can remove their head scarves if they sit in the back room.
(b) Unaccompanied women are not allowed to sit in the main section.
(c) The cafe is too small to accommodate the large group in the front.
(d) Only men are permitted in the main section.

15. What happens to Sanaz when she is on vacation?
(a) She decides that she can no longer participate in the goals of the revolution.
(b) Revolutionary Guards search the house where she is staying and take her to jail for 48 hours.
(c) She is expelled from the university because she is in Nafisi's study group.
(d) She is kidnapped by her brother, who accuses her of being too Westernized.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Nafisi state it is important to introduce her students to the works of Saul Bellow?

2. What subject do both Mike Gold and F. Scott Fitzgerald write about?

3. What teaching technique does Nafisi use in conjunction with the study of "The Great Gatsby"?

4. In Part 3, Chapter 9, what author does Nafisi discuss with the magician?

5. What causes the Iranian regime to temporarily relax the strict enforcement of their policies?

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