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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Nafisi say that war was a blessing to some Iranians?
(a) War allowed some Iranians to get rich quickly.
(b) War caused Iranians to return to their religious roots.
(c) War gave some Iranians a chance to kill people they disliked.
(d) War gave some Iranians a sense of community, purpose, and power.

2. What does Nafisi emphasize in the introductory course she teaches in Part 3?
(a) The ways novels present women in Western culture.
(b) The ways novels change ideas about relationships between individuals.
(c) The ways novels are similar to contemporary life.
(d) The ways novels emphasize religious and cultural values.

3. Why does Yassi walk faster then suddenly stop when she is out with a gentleman caller?
(a) She is surprised by the police who make her afraid, then she realizes that the gentleman will help protect her.
(b) She is trying to escape the chaperones, but finally realizes it is useless.
(c) She wants to see if he understands the game and would be a good match for her.
(d) She wants to avoid spending much time with the gentleman caller, then realizes that he is a good match.

4. Who is Mr. Bahir?
(a) The department chair of the Language Department at the University of Tehran.
(b) The owner of her favorite bookstore.
(c) A man executed for charges of being too Westernized.
(d) One of Nafisi's students.

5. Whose death is announced in Part 3, Chapter 33?
(a) The death of Ayatollah Khomeini.
(b) The death of Nafisi's former student.
(c) The death of the magician.
(d) The death of Nafisi's mother.

6. How does Part 3, Chapter 11 begin?
(a) With a quote from "Daisy Miller."
(b) With the announcement that accompanies air raid sirens.
(c) With Nafisi standing in her apartment.
(d) With a student talking in Nafisi's classroom.

7. What does the study group find disturbing about the texts written by the Ayatollah Khomeini?
(a) The texts are taken seriously by rulers of the country, even though they are absurd.
(b) Manna knew they had been translated.
(c) The texts contain blasphemy, which is against the laws of morality.
(d) Nassrin had read them and was talking about their contents publicly.

8. What is the question Nafisi asks of all married couples?
(a) When did you fall in love?
(b) Are you still in love?
(c) Why did you get married?
(d) Did you fall in love?

9. What is the Dear Jane Society?
(a) The nickname for Nafisi's study name.
(b) A group of Nafisi's students who have broken up with their boyfriends.
(c) The nickname for Nafisi's students who love Jane Austen.
(d) A secret society Nafisi's students never actually form.

10. What does Nyazi consider to be a positive aspect of "The Great Gatsby"?
(a) It exposes the immorality of American society.
(b) It describes the way society should function.
(c) It presents the American Dream.
(d) It provides a model of a good marriage relationship.

11. In Part 4, Chapter 12, where do Nafisi and her husband go?
(a) To the movies.
(b) To a concert.
(c) To a lecture by a famous author.
(d) To a cafe.

12. What do Nafisi and the magician share on their first meeting in his apartment?
(a) A foreign movie.
(b) Coffee and books.
(c) Newspapers from foreign countries.
(d) Tea and a box of foreign chocolates.

13. What question does Nafisi ask at the beginning of her first class at the University of Tehran?
(a) Why should anyone read fiction?
(b) Why do you believe there will be a cultural revolution?
(c) What did you think about the choice of books for this course?
(d) Why is it important to get a college education?

14. What happens to Sanaz when she is on vacation?
(a) She is expelled from the university because she is in Nafisi's study group.
(b) She is kidnapped by her brother, who accuses her of being too Westernized.
(c) Revolutionary Guards search the house where she is staying and take her to jail for 48 hours.
(d) She decides that she can no longer participate in the goals of the revolution.

15. Why does the government first enforce the requirement that women remain covered in workplaces and shops?
(a) Because women object to the law, and the government wants to reinforce its authority.
(b) Because the shop owners are uncomfortable serving women who are not covered.
(c) Because women are already wearing the chador at home.
(d) Because there is no way to enforce the requirement at the university.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nafisi teach during her first semester as a professor at the University of Tehran?

2. What causes the Iranian regime to temporarily relax the strict enforcement of their policies?

3. Who does Nafisi meet with in Part 3, Chapter 10?

4. In Part 4, Chapter 24, why do the girls have to sit in the back room of the restaurant?

5. In Part 3, Chapter 14, what author does Mr. Ghoni use to indirectly question Nafisi?

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