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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What right does Nafisi fantasize about being added to the Bill of Rights?
(a) The right to free access to imagination.
(b) The right to not wear a veil or head scarf.
(c) The right to travel in and out of Iran without fear.
(d) The right to teach Western literature in Iran.

2. In Part 4, Chapter 12, where do Nafisi and her husband go?
(a) To a lecture by a famous author.
(b) To the movies.
(c) To a concert.
(d) To a cafe.

3. Why do the students begin to keep vigils at the University of Tehran?
(a) To encourage the government to close down the university.
(b) They are tired of going to class and want to be part of the Revolution.
(c) They are protesting the expulsion of their favorite professors.
(d) To prevent the university from being closed down by the government.

4. What causes the Iranian regime to temporarily relax the strict enforcement of their policies?
(a) The death of the Iranian president.
(b) Pressure from Western countries.
(c) Iraq's continued bombing of Iran's major cities.
(d) Opposition from members of Iranian society.

5. Why does Nafisi say that war was a blessing to some Iranians?
(a) War allowed some Iranians to get rich quickly.
(b) War gave some Iranians a chance to kill people they disliked.
(c) War caused Iranians to return to their religious roots.
(d) War gave some Iranians a sense of community, purpose, and power.

6. What does Nafisi do with help from Mr. Forsati?
(a) Form a study group with male students.
(b) Organize a series of lectures by prominent European authors.
(c) Organize a series of cultural programs for the university.
(d) Create a series of photographs that capture life in Tehran.

7. What activity does Nafisi do with her students to help them understand the characters in Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"?
(a) She dances with them.
(b) She asks them to write descriptions of the main characters.
(c) She puts the main character on trial.
(d) She takes them to a cafe.

8. What does Mr. Forsati want to do?
(a) Marry one of Nafisi's students.
(b) Work as an official in the Iranian regime.
(c) Write a novel about life in Iran.
(d) Start a company related to videos and films.

9. What does the magician tell Nafisi she should do to help her students survive?
(a) Help them gain admission to an American college.
(b) Help them leave Iran.
(c) Help them find a good marriage.
(d) Help them regain their imagination.

10. In Part 3, Chapter 19, where does Nafisi go?
(a) To a screening of foreign films by a Russian director.
(b) To a concert by foreign musicians.
(c) To a class at a foreign university.
(d) To a meeting at the magician's house.

11. In Part 2, Chapter 14, what do the police do to the women at the protest meeting?
(a) The police arrest the women and take them all to jail.
(b) The police stand off to one side and watch the event without participating.
(c) The police push the women with the butts of their guns, and order them to go home.
(d) The police protect the women who come to protest.

12. What project is Nassrin working on?
(a) Translating English texts into Persian.
(b) Reading all the works of Islamic leaders.
(c) Translating Islamic texts into English.
(d) A thesis on the works of the Ayatollah Khomeini.

13. In Part 3, Chapter 13, what does Nafisi get on the first day she begins teaching?
(a) A visit from the religious leaders.
(b) An obscene message.
(c) A cup of coffee from her mother.
(d) A bouquet of flowers.

14. What happens to Sanaz when she is on vacation?
(a) Revolutionary Guards search the house where she is staying and take her to jail for 48 hours.
(b) She decides that she can no longer participate in the goals of the revolution.
(c) She is kidnapped by her brother, who accuses her of being too Westernized.
(d) She is expelled from the university because she is in Nafisi's study group.

15. Which character is the main subject of Part 3, Chapter 27?
(a) Manna.
(b) Mahtab.
(c) The Kid.
(d) Yassrin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the Mujahedeen?

2. Why does Yassi walk faster then suddenly stop when she is out with a gentleman caller?

3. What does Nafisi emphasize in the introductory course she teaches in Part 3?

4. Where is the narrator at the beginning of the first chapter in Part II?

5. How does Nafisi feel when she hears the announcement that Iraq has attacked Iran?

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