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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Nafisi say the dream in "The Great Gatsby" is not a comment on America as a materialistic county?
(a) Because the novel does not include any rich characters.
(b) Because the dream is about what one can become, not about money.
(c) The dream represents Nick's inability to be honest as a narrator.
(d) Because "The Great Gatsby" is about wanting to be richer than your neighbors.

2. Azin is described as having what noticeable characteristic?
(a) Red, pouty lips.
(b) Long, thick brown hair.
(c) Bright red fingernail polish.
(d) A bright blue head scarf.

3. Why does Nafisi state it is important to introduce her students to the works of Saul Bellow?
(a) Because Bellow shows the problems and fears of the West, and Nafisi believes her students look at the West uncritically.
(b) Because Bellow provides an aesthetic counterpoint to the limitations of Austen's novels.
(c) Because she believes her students should read more American authors.
(d) Because Bellow presents Western society as not being decadent, and Nafisi believes her students need to see Western culture as not being decadent.

4. According to Nafisi, how can one stop "dancing with the jailer"?
(a) Give in to the desires of the regime and follow the nation's laws.
(b) Remember that life is cyclical, and this time will end soon.
(c) Find a way to preserve one's uniqueness and individuality despite opposition and persecution.
(d) Become a part of the ruling party and end oppression.

5. Who is Ramin?
(a) Mrs. Rezvan's son.
(b) The name of the Iranian president.
(c) Nassrin's boyfriend.
(d) One of Nafisi's students who was executed.

6. What right does Nafisi fantasize about being added to the Bill of Rights?
(a) The right to travel in and out of Iran without fear.
(b) The right to teach Western literature in Iran.
(c) The right to free access to imagination.
(d) The right to not wear a veil or head scarf.

7. What does the magician tell Nafisi she should do to help her students survive?
(a) Help them find a good marriage.
(b) Help them leave Iran.
(c) Help them regain their imagination.
(d) Help them gain admission to an American college.

8. What is Hizbollah?
(a) The name of a radical student organization at the University of Tehran.
(b) A group of radical Muslims who murdered the Ayatollah Taleghani.
(c) A religious group also known as the Party of Allah, who are determined to put God's laws into practice on earth.
(d) The title of a religious tract that all Iranians must follow according to the regime leaders.

9. What is Nafisi's occupation after she leaves Iran?
(a) She is an Iranian travel guide.
(b) She is a demonstrator against the Iranian regime.
(c) She is a mentor for Iranian graduate students.
(d) She is a teacher and writer.

10. In Part 2, Chapter 23, what are Mr. Nyazi and another student arguing about?
(a) The value of teaching "The Great Gatsby" in an Islamic society.
(b) The morality of "The Great Gatsby."
(c) Whether or not Nafisi should be expelled from the university.
(d) Whether or not the government intends to close down the universities.

11. In Part 3, Chapter 13, what does Nafisi get on the first day she begins teaching?
(a) A cup of coffee from her mother.
(b) An obscene message.
(c) A visit from the religious leaders.
(d) A bouquet of flowers.

12. Why does Yassi walk faster then suddenly stop when she is out with a gentleman caller?
(a) She is trying to escape the chaperones, but finally realizes it is useless.
(b) She wants to avoid spending much time with the gentleman caller, then realizes that he is a good match.
(c) She wants to see if he understands the game and would be a good match for her.
(d) She is surprised by the police who make her afraid, then she realizes that the gentleman will help protect her.

13. What happens to Nassrin after she leaves Iran?
(a) She travels to America.
(b) She returns to Iran because she misses her family.
(c) She arrives safely in England.
(d) She stays in contact with Nafisi.

14. What do Nafisi and the magician share on their first meeting in his apartment?
(a) Newspapers from foreign countries.
(b) A foreign movie.
(c) Tea and a box of foreign chocolates.
(d) Coffee and books.

15. How does Part 3, Chapter 11 begin?
(a) With a student talking in Nafisi's classroom.
(b) With a quote from "Daisy Miller."
(c) With the announcement that accompanies air raid sirens.
(d) With Nafisi standing in her apartment.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose death is announced in Part 3, Chapter 33?

2. What is the question Nafisi asks of all married couples?

3. In Part 3, Chapter 14, what author does Mr. Ghoni use to indirectly question Nafisi?

4. How does Mr. Bahir become president of the Muslim Students' Association at the University of Tehran?

5. In the epilogue, Nafisi makes an allusion to which novel?

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