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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Nafisi describe the Iranian perception of America?
(a) As encouraging, signalling their renewed interest in Western thought.
(b) As realistic, exposing the immorality of Western culture.
(c) As sad, forcing her to change her way of thinking.
(d) As mythical, combining elements of Satan and Paradise Lost.

2. Who is Mrs. Rezvan?
(a) A colleague of one of Nafisi's former students, who tries to get Nafisi to return to teaching.
(b) The mother of one of Nafisi's former students, who tries to get Nafisi to start a study group.
(c) The wife of one of Nafisi's former students.
(d) One of Nafisi's former students.

3. What does Mr. Forsati want to do?
(a) Work as an official in the Iranian regime.
(b) Marry one of Nafisi's students.
(c) Write a novel about life in Iran.
(d) Start a company related to videos and films.

4. In Part 3, Chapter 14, what author does Mr. Ghoni use to indirectly question Nafisi?
(a) Henry James.
(b) Mark Twain.
(c) Vladimir Nabokov.
(d) F. Scott Fitzgerald.

5. Who is Ramin?
(a) The name of the Iranian president.
(b) Mrs. Rezvan's son.
(c) Nassrin's boyfriend.
(d) One of Nafisi's students who was executed.

6. What political event described at the beginning of Chapter 9 sets the tone for the subsequent actions of Nafisi's students?
(a) The invasion of Iran by Iraq.
(b) The student occupation of the American Embassy in Tehran.
(c) The overthrow of the leadership of the University of Tehran.
(d) The arrest of a popular professor for refusing to follow the regime's laws.

7. Who is Hojatol-Islam Ali Khamenei?
(a) The magician.
(b) The president of the university.
(c) The successor to Ayatollah Khomeini.
(d) One of Nafisi's students.

8. What is the relationship between Nafisi and her first husband?
(a) They enjoy a good relationship until Nafisi begins demonstrating in support of the Iranian government.
(b) She learns from him how to become a traditional Iranian wife.
(c) He teaches her how to become a demonstrator and serves as her first mentor.
(d) They clash over appropriate ways for women to behave and ultimately divorce.

9. In Part 3, Chapter 13, what does Nafisi get on the first day she begins teaching?
(a) A cup of coffee from her mother.
(b) A bouquet of flowers.
(c) A visit from the religious leaders.
(d) An obscene message.

10. Why does Nafisi say the dream in "The Great Gatsby" is not a comment on America as a materialistic county?
(a) Because "The Great Gatsby" is about wanting to be richer than your neighbors.
(b) Because the dream is about what one can become, not about money.
(c) Because the novel does not include any rich characters.
(d) The dream represents Nick's inability to be honest as a narrator.

11. What right does Nafisi fantasize about being added to the Bill of Rights?
(a) The right to teach Western literature in Iran.
(b) The right to travel in and out of Iran without fear.
(c) The right to not wear a veil or head scarf.
(d) The right to free access to imagination.

12. What does Nafisi describe as "the most unforgivable crime in fiction"?
(a) Blindness.
(b) Sexual immorality.
(c) Absence of beauty.
(d) Use of a flawed heroine.

13. Who are the Mujahedeen?
(a) A radical religious organization that claims to be the spiritual and political heir of the deceased Ayatollah Taleghani.
(b) The leaders of the University of Tehran.
(c) A group called the Party of Allah.
(d) The members of a radical student organization at the University of Tehran.

14. How does Mr. Bahir become president of the Muslim Students' Association at the University of Tehran?
(a) He creates the organization and names himself leader.
(b) He makes persuasive speeches that draw attention to his leadership qualities.
(c) He uses force to win the position.
(d) He works his way up through patience and dedication.

15. Who does Nafisi consider to be the "real protagonists" in her class?
(a) The members of the Muslim Student Association.
(b) The novels that are read.
(c) The young women who register for the course.
(d) Outsiders, including former students, who come because of their commitment to literature.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part 4, Chapter 1, what does Sanaz announce she is going to do?

2. What teaching technique does Nafisi use in conjunction with the study of "The Great Gatsby"?

3. How does Nafisi feel when she hears the announcement that Iraq has attacked Iran?

4. What gift does Nafisi give to the magician?

5. In Part 2, Chapter 12, why does Nafisi decide to cancel class?

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