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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the closeness of the room do to Nafisi and her students?
(a) It creates a false sense of security in their daily life.
(b) It prohibits them from sharing their personal thoughts.
(c) It makes them nervous and uncomfortable.
(d) It causes them to become personal and intimate.

2. What causes Manna and Nima to fall in love?
(a) They see parallels between their lives and the lives of Humbert and Lolita.
(b) They share a passion for the revolutionary cause.
(c) They are in the same literature study group.
(d) They share a common passion for literature.

3. What are students at Nafisi's school regularly asked to do?
(a) Homework in the Persian language.
(b) Attend funerals of martyrs for the Iranian Revolution.
(c) Bring in their friendship bracelets so that everyone has one to wear.
(d) Participate in a ritualistic stomping and burning the American flag while shouting "Death to America!"

4. What would happen if the "Blood of God" militia saw a girl with nail polish or a strand of loose hair?
(a) The militia would not permit the girl to continue studying literature.
(b) The girl would be punished and humiliated for violating laws.
(c) The girl would be escorted home, where her family would forbid her to go out of the house unescorted.
(d) The girl would be beheaded as an example of an evil woman.

5. In Chapter 15, how does the study group define a villain?
(a) One who knowingly challenges the religious culture of the ruling party.
(b) One who bows to authority figures.
(c) One who molests a child.
(d) One who lacks curiosity about other people, being only interested in his/her vision of other people.

6. Why does Nafisi consider Humbert, Lolita's molester, such a frightening character?
(a) Because he appears normal and ordinary in other aspects of everyday life.
(b) Because he directly challenges the totalitarian government.
(c) Because he repeatedly uses force against those who stand in his way.
(d) Because his character causes Nafisi's students to question the role of men in their lives.

7. What is the first work Nafisi and her students in the study group discuss?
(a) "Lolita."
(b) "A Thousand and One Nights."
(c) "Nabokov."
(d) "Invitation to a Beheading."

8. What does Nafisi see reflected in the mirror?
(a) Her husband.
(b) Her students.
(c) A hospital.
(d) Mountains.

9. How does Nafisi feel about revealing herself in class?
(a) As if she were having her insides pulled out.
(b) As if she were being undressed in front of strangers.
(c) As if she were surrounded by her best friends.
(d) As if she were being forced to examine herself.

10. What does Nassrin's mother teach her daughter?
(a) German.
(b) Arabic.
(c) English.
(d) French.

11. According to Nafisi, how is Yassi like Lolita?
(a) Both girls have been deprived of the beauty of an ordinary, everyday life.
(b) Both girls have had their lives changed by reading books.
(c) Both girls are reflections of Nafisi's personal experiences.
(d) Both girls have been raped by older men.

12. What is Nafisi doing at the beginning of Chapter 11?
(a) Remembering her life as a child.
(b) Cleaning out her office at the University of Tehran.
(c) Looking over the class notes she kept from the study sessions.
(d) Looking at the photographs of the girls.

13. How does Nafisi structure the first class sessions?
(a) Like a traditional literature class, with Nafisi asking questions and leading discussions.
(b) With students reading "revolutionary" authors and discussing the parallels to contemporary society.
(c) Like a lecture class, with the students taking notes on Nafisi's lectures.
(d) With the students leading discussion and choosing what to read.

14. At the beginning of Chapter 16, what are Nafisi and her male acquaintance discussing?
(a) The types of literature that should be discussed in a private study group.
(b) Where to find food and books in Tehran.
(c) What happened when the University of Tehran was closed.
(d) How life in the Islamic Republic has turned everyday activities into exciting secret missions.

15. How does Nabokov's character Cincinnatus C. become a hero?
(a) By rescuing those who are falsely imprisoned.
(b) By refusing to be like everyone else.
(c) By fighting off his jailors.
(d) By giving in to the requirements of the government.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the class strive to do in their study of literature?

2. Why is Negar upset?

3. Why do the intruders want access to Nafisi's house?

4. How does Nafisi refer to her male acquaintance?

5. What does Nafisi's study group conclude about "Lolita"?

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