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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the intruders enter Nafisi's house, what happens?
(a) They take her children away.
(b) The doorbell rings.
(c) They catch Nafisi and the study group reading a book.
(d) There is a gun battle with Nafisi's neighbor.

2. How does Nafisi's male acquaintance think he can tell a person's character?
(a) By watching them walk.
(b) By holding something they have worn.
(c) By looking at their photo.
(d) By listening to them speak.

3. Why does Nafisi's acquaintance refuse to meet with her students?
(a) He does not want to get Nafisi in trouble with the authorities.
(b) He is trying to minimize contact with people.
(c) He does not like female students.
(d) He is unhappy with Nafisi teaching literature to these girls.

4. How does Nafisi introduce the reader to the students in her class?
(a) She describes the arrival of each student on the first day of class.
(b) She shows the photograph that was taken of the group of students.
(c) She gives each student a nickname based on their favorite book.
(d) She describes the students as a group so the reader understands the importance of community.

5. What causes Manna and Nima to fall in love?
(a) They are in the same literature study group.
(b) They see parallels between their lives and the lives of Humbert and Lolita.
(c) They share a passion for the revolutionary cause.
(d) They share a common passion for literature.

6. Where are Nafisi's children when Chapter 19 begins?
(a) Jail.
(b) Tehran.
(c) At a restaurant.
(d) Washington.

7. Why is Nafisi nervous about the intruders being in her house?
(a) She has young children who are afraid of guns.
(b) She hasn't cleaned the house for a religious celebration.
(c) She has a forbidden satellite dish.
(d) She believes her neighbor will blame her for whatever happens.

8. Why does Nafisi's apartment lack matching furniture and fancy window dressings?
(a) She is more concerned with literature and the inner world of knowledge.
(b) Her mother does not believe those items are appropriate for women.
(c) Her belongings were taken by revolutionaries.
(d) She is too poor to afford material possessions.

9. Chapter 15 presents a clear parallel between the character of Humbert and which group of people?
(a) The parents of the students in Nafisi's class.
(b) The mullahs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
(c) The students in Nafisi's class.
(d) The men who the students are related to.

10. What does Nafisi share with her male acquaintance in Chapter 16?
(a) An ice cream cone.
(b) A dinner party.
(c) A car ride.
(d) A ham sandwich.

11. How does Nafisi structure the first class sessions?
(a) Like a lecture class, with the students taking notes on Nafisi's lectures.
(b) With students reading "revolutionary" authors and discussing the parallels to contemporary society.
(c) With the students leading discussion and choosing what to read.
(d) Like a traditional literature class, with Nafisi asking questions and leading discussions.

12. How does Nafisi refer to her male acquaintance?
(a) As "my mentor."
(b) As "my boyfriend."
(c) As "my colleague."
(d) As "my magician."

13. Why do the intruders want access to Nafisi's house?
(a) She is able to provide them with safety.
(b) They think she is selling and using drugs.
(c) They are searching for contraband.
(d) They want to see what was happening on her neighbor's property.

14. What does Nafisi describe as the crux of the problem in "Lolita"?
(a) Lolita has no other choice but to stay with Humbert.
(b) Humbert is in love with Lolita.
(c) Lolita is in love with Humbert.
(d) Humbert does not understand Lolita.

15. What is the first work Nafisi and her students in the study group discuss?
(a) "Invitation to a Beheading."
(b) "Lolita."
(c) "A Thousand and One Nights."
(d) "Nabokov."

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of Chapter 16, what are Nafisi and her male acquaintance discussing?

2. What is the first assignment for the students in the study group?

3. What happens to the everyday lives of Nafisi and her students as a result of the secret class?

4. Why does Nafisi remind the students of Nabokov?

5. What does the class strive to do in their study of literature?

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