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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the literature professor dislike Manna and Nima?
(a) They are falling in love during his class.
(b) They write papers that disagree with his views.
(c) They dislike reading the literature he assigns.
(d) They are not able to write well.

2. What object does Nafisi refer to when she first describes the students in her study group?
(a) Tehran.
(b) A veil.
(c) Her apartment.
(d) A photograph.

3. Who was Nafisi's father?
(a) A troubled businessman.
(b) A famous author.
(c) The youngest mayor of Tehran in pre-revolutionary Iran.
(d) The director of a high school in Switzerland.

4. How does Nafisi introduce the reader to the students in her class?
(a) She shows the photograph that was taken of the group of students.
(b) She gives each student a nickname based on their favorite book.
(c) She describes the arrival of each student on the first day of class.
(d) She describes the students as a group so the reader understands the importance of community.

5. In "Lolita," how does Humbert attempt to gain the reader's sympathy?
(a) By making Lolita seem highly desirable.
(b) By making Lolita seem undesirable.
(c) By blaming himself for all of Lolita's problems.
(d) By always talking in the first person.

6. Where are Nafisi's children when Chapter 19 begins?
(a) At a restaurant.
(b) Jail.
(c) Tehran.
(d) Washington.

7. Why do the intruders want access to Nafisi's house?
(a) They are searching for contraband.
(b) They think she is selling and using drugs.
(c) She is able to provide them with safety.
(d) They want to see what was happening on her neighbor's property.

8. At the beginning of Chapter 18, what does Nafisi ask the reader to imagine?
(a) They are inside her apartment.
(b) They are at the university.
(c) They are walking down a leafy path.
(d) They are standing on a street in Tehran.

9. What are students at Nafisi's school regularly asked to do?
(a) Homework in the Persian language.
(b) Bring in their friendship bracelets so that everyone has one to wear.
(c) Attend funerals of martyrs for the Iranian Revolution.
(d) Participate in a ritualistic stomping and burning the American flag while shouting "Death to America!"

10. What is Nafisi doing at the beginning of Chapter 11?
(a) Looking over the class notes she kept from the study sessions.
(b) Cleaning out her office at the University of Tehran.
(c) Looking at the photographs of the girls.
(d) Remembering her life as a child.

11. Chapter 15 presents a clear parallel between the character of Humbert and which group of people?
(a) The men who the students are related to.
(b) The parents of the students in Nafisi's class.
(c) The students in Nafisi's class.
(d) The mullahs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

12. Why are Manna's friends reprimanded by guards?
(a) Because they were biting apples too seductively.
(b) Because they were wearing makeup.
(c) Because they were walking on the street.
(d) Because they were not wearing their veils.

13. How do the Iranian authorities view the country's past?
(a) Iran's past is considered important in the development of a perfect Koranic society.
(b) Iran's past is used as a foundation for the development of a more modern society.
(c) The past is irrelevant to the leaders who want to establish a perfect Koranic society.
(d) The Iranian leaders see the country's past as an example for other societies.

14. Why are Nafisi's students like ghosts when they are walking through the streets of Tehran?
(a) They have learned to walk with a gliding motion, barely touching the ground.
(b) Because they wear a veil, their skin is very white like a ghost.
(c) They hope to be invisible to the militia and arrive at their destination without confrontation.
(d) Their black clothes hide them when they are walking at night.

15. At the beginning of Chapter 16, what are Nafisi and her male acquaintance discussing?
(a) How life in the Islamic Republic has turned everyday activities into exciting secret missions.
(b) The types of literature that should be discussed in a private study group.
(c) Where to find food and books in Tehran.
(d) What happened when the University of Tehran was closed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nassrin's mother's teaching symbolize?

2. Why does the male student have to meet with Nafisi separately?

3. Why does Nafisi see a parallel between Humbert and contemporary Iranian society?

4. Why is it so difficult to find a copy of "Lolita" in Tehran?

5. Who is Negar?

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