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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1: Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Nafisi select her students for the small study group?
(a) She chooses students who dislike the liberal qualities of the university.
(b) She chooses students who earn good grades in all their classes.
(c) She chooses students who are loners or outsiders.
(d) She chooses students who can afford to pay her on a regular basis.

2. What does the class strive to do in their study of literature?
(a) Discover truths about beauty and human nature.
(b) Find answers about political ideology.
(c) Discover ways to question religious authorities.
(d) Learn how to be better writers.

3. What is the best definition of Nabokov's term "poshlust"?
(a) Beauty in the midst of a brutal government regime.
(b) The ability to remain heroic in the midst of banality and extreme brutality.
(c) The use of reality to contrast with a system of barbaric ritual.
(d) Empty rituals, false importance, and the reduction of reality to banality.

4. What scene opens Chapter 12?
(a) Nafisi search for books in a bookstore.
(b) The class sitting around a table in Nafisi's apartment.
(c) The members of the class arriving at Nafisi's house.
(d) Nafisi teaching a class at the University.

5. What is the first assignment for the students in the study group?
(a) To create a secret language using invented words.
(b) To remember what Nafisi taught in her university classes.
(c) To relax and enjoy reading.
(d) To analyze the types of women found in a piece of literature.

Short Answer Questions

1. What object does Nafisi refer to when she first describes the students in her study group?

2. According to Nafisi, how is the character of Lolita like Nafisi's students?

3. What is the main reason for Nafisi's resignation from the University of Tehran?

4. Why are Nafisi's students like ghosts when they are walking through the streets of Tehran?

5. What does Nafisi believe is the main point of "Lolita"?

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