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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1: Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the main reason for Nafisi's resignation from the University of Tehran?
(a) She wants to teach literature to smaller groups in private.
(b) The governance of the University is arbitrary.
(c) She isn't able to do the type of scholarship the government required.
(d) The University of Tehran is too liberal.

2. What does Nafisi believe is the main point of "Lolita"?
(a) It is a critique of what occurs in totalitarian systems.
(b) It is a morality tale about what happens to girls who disobey.
(c) It is a demonstration of religious fanaticism.
(d) It is an example of how to achieve perfection.

3. What would happen if the "Blood of God" militia saw a girl with nail polish or a strand of loose hair?
(a) The girl would be punished and humiliated for violating laws.
(b) The girl would be beheaded as an example of an evil woman.
(c) The militia would not permit the girl to continue studying literature.
(d) The girl would be escorted home, where her family would forbid her to go out of the house unescorted.

4. Why does Nafisi return to the two photographs of her students in Chapter 7?
(a) The photographs show how much her students changed after they studied literature.
(b) The photographs are evidence that literature is more powerful than clothing.
(c) The images show the contrast between the repression of the outside world and the individuality and freedom allowed in the apartment.
(d) She wants to show how her students are the same people regardless of how they dress.

5. Why do Ministry of Education officials ask the faculty at Nafisi's school if they thought they were in Switzerland?
(a) Because the officials believe the University of Tehran is too conservative and should be more like schools in Switzerland.
(b) Because Switzerland has schools with conservative values just like the conservative values of the University of Tehran.
(c) Because Switzerland is the model for the type of government the Ministry of Education is trying to establish.
(d) Because the University of Tehran is the most liberal campus in Iran, and Switzerland is the byword for Western lax and decadent behavior.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the best definition of Nabokov's term "poshlust"?

2. How does Nabokov's character Cincinnatus C. become a hero?

3. What does Nafisi see reflected in the mirror?

4. Why does the male student have to meet with Nafisi separately?

5. According to Nafisi, how is the character of Lolita like Nafisi's students?

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