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Michael Berg

This character is a teenage student in West Germany who is the protagonist, main character, and narrator in the book.

Hanna Schmitz

This character is a former guard for the SS during World War II and deftly seduces the narrator.

Michael's Parents

This couple consists of a college philosophy professor and author, and a typical mother and homemaker.

Michael's Siblings

These characters tease the main character and are more concerned with clothes and friends.


This character is a member of a high school class, until developing an illness and going to an asylum for several years.

Hanna's Attorney

This unnamed character is young and inexperienced, overeager and ineffective during the trials.

The Author of the Holocaust Book

In the mid-1960s, this young character writes about her experience as a concentration camp prisoner in WWII.

The Driver to Schirmeck/Struthof-Natzweiler

An unnamed character with whom...

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