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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Christian life affect the Brangwens?
(a) It is inspirational and fulfilling.
(b) It is the joy of reaching heaven.
(c) It becomes a mechanical action without real meaning.
(d) It is a constant source of hope.

2. Why is Lydia thankful to Tom for the life he gave her?
(a) Because he let her be herself
(b) Because he gave her all the money she needed
(c) Because he let her live in his shadow
(d) Because she was secure in his dominance

3. What is the response of Ursula's mother when Ursula says that she wants to have an equal place with men in the field of action and work?
(a) Her mother tells her to take action at mending a pile of stockings.
(b) Her mother tells her that some day she will be equal to men.
(c) Her mother says that it will never happen.
(d) Her mother tells her she deserves equal opportunity.

4. Where does Anna send Ursula and Gudrun when the pettiness of the village children begins to bother them?
(a) To grammar school in London
(b) To their grandmothers for home schooling
(c) To the grammar school in Nottingham
(d) To Cossethay College

5. What does Mr. Harby give to Ursula on her last day of school?
(a) A new pen
(b) A Bible
(c) A dictionary
(d) Two books of poetry, signed by all the teachers

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom do the Brangwen girls have a feud?

2. Why does Ursula enjoy staying at Belcote with Maggie's family?

3. How does Ursula feel as she waits for Anton to come home?

4. Ursula resigns herself to teaching until she can do what?

5. What does the rainbow forming over the corrupt land symbolize for Ursula?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Anton Skrebensky believe is the responsibility of every person?

2. Explain why Ursula keeps up with her studies, despite the dreary work.

3. Summarize Ursula's emotional state when she moves back home after passing her matriculation examination.

4. Describe Anna's thoughts about William's new job and their moving away from Cossethay.

5. What are Lydia Brangwen's hopes after Tom dies and she sees the troubles of her sons?

6. After a few weeks living at home, how does Ursula view her mother's life?

7. Explain the realization that Ursula comes to as she passes from childhood into womanhood.

8. Describe the temperament of Tom Brangwen's son, Tom.

9. What is Ursula's reason for refusing the marriage proposal from Anthony?

10. Explain how Ursula feels about her fellow teachers on her last day at the St. Philip's School.

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