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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Anna's emotional response to the cathedral?
(a) She wants to remain in its confines forever.
(b) She is in awe, but prefers the freedom of the sky.
(c) She finally agrees with William's passion for the church.
(d) She feels God is alive at the altar.

2. Why is Tom glad that his wife Lydia is there for him on Anna's wedding day?
(a) She will tell him what he should do during the ceremony.
(b) She will help him forget his loss of Anna.
(c) She will arrange the party after the wedding.
(d) She will sustain him among all of the people attending the wedding.

3. What does everyone at the wedding party get excited over, shouting and applauding?
(a) The men act out the mystery play of St. George.
(b) Anna and William are about to leave.
(c) Tom and his wife dance in the middle of the parlor.
(d) Anna and will have the first dance.

4. Why does Tom love to visit Anna and William?
(a) Because he likes to get away from home
(b) Because they are glowing and full of life
(c) Because it keeps him from work
(d) Because he misses Anna

5. How does Lydia emerge from her indifference, becoming a new person?
(a) She decides to move back to Poland.
(b) She meets Tom Brangwen in Cossethay.
(c) She falls in love with the vicar.
(d) She lives through her daughter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is William's reaction when he steps through the doors of the cathedral?

2. What are William's thoughts about the cathedral as he returns home?

3. Where do the wedding party and guests go after the wedding ceremony?

4. What does Anna find refreshing about the Skrebensky's relationship?

5. What is Lydia's mental state in the last few months of her pregnancy?

Short Essay Questions

1. Compare Tom's feeling toward his newborn son and his stepdaughter, Anna?

2. Describe the impression Anna has of Baron Skrebensky and his new wife, Millicent with regard to their relationship.

3. Are Anna and William satisfied with their lives?

4. Explain why William feels guilty when he looks out the door after his marriage to Anna.

5. What piece of advice does Alfred give Tom as they walk to Anna and William's cottage?

6. After the birth of their son, Lydia does have the passion for Tom that she once had. How does he deal with the desires he has for his wife?

7. Explain William's relationship with Ursula after the birth of Gudrun.

8. Why do eleven of the men from the wedding party go to Anna and William's cottage?

9. Summarize Anna's inner feelings when she is sent to a young ladies school in Nottingham.

10. Describe the toast Tom gives at Anna's wedding party?

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