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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Ursula's secret weapon toward independence if her studies do not work out?
(a) Being a woman
(b) Hiring someone to take the exam for her
(c) Starting a seamstress business
(d) Having a tutor

2. What does Anton tell Ursula after she tells him that she does not ever want to get married?
(a) He calls her an uncaring shrew.
(b) He says that it is a relief knowing they won't be married.
(c) He cares for her more than all the world, life or death.
(d) He says that he doesn't care if they get married.

3. Why can't Ursula escape from the world of system and work?
(a) She wants to have full rights in the working world.
(b) Her mother forces her to pay board.
(c) She needs to support herself.
(d) Her father demands that she work.

4. What is the complicated amalgam of religion that Ursula and Winifred discuss?
(a) The motives of fear and love
(b) A combination of suffering and redemption
(c) A mix of death and afterlife
(d) The motives of joy and miracles

5. While Anton is away, who does Ursula fall in love with while at school?
(a) Mr. Phillips
(b) Mr. Morton
(c) Miss Inger
(d) Miss Jenny

6. Why is Ursula excited about her father's new position as Art and Handwork Instructor?
(a) They will have more money.
(b) She will get to move to Nottingham.
(c) He will be happier.
(d) He finally will be something socially.

7. Who is Lydia's comforting friend after Tom's death?
(a) Anna
(b) Ursula
(c) Tilly
(d) Gudrun

8. What conclusion does Ursula come to about men and love?
(a) A woman can love only one man
(b) There are many men to love, not just one
(c) Men do not love, only dominate
(d) No one is ever really in love

9. What is Anton really feeling as he says goodbye to Ursula when he goes off to war?
(a) He doesn't want to leave.
(b) He will miss her desperately.
(c) He is looking forward to meeting other women.
(d) He is relieved to be leaving her.

10. What action does Ursula take to escape from the horses surrounding her when she goes for a walk in the rain?
(a) She hides behind a fallen tree.
(b) She runs to the gate.
(c) She climbs over a fence.
(d) She climbs a tree and leaps over the hedge.

11. What is the response of Ursula's mother when Ursula says that she wants to have an equal place with men in the field of action and work?
(a) Her mother tells her to take action at mending a pile of stockings.
(b) Her mother says that it will never happen.
(c) Her mother tells her that some day she will be equal to men.
(d) Her mother tells her she deserves equal opportunity.

12. How does Ursula manage to keep order in her classroom?
(a) She is outgoing and friendly
(b) She canes the insolent students.
(c) She offers extra help to students.
(d) She reasons with the offending students.

13. How does Ursula feel about college as she prepares for her final examination?
(a) She thinks college is a sham.
(b) She is as excited as the first day of college
(c) Her studies are the truth of life.
(d) College is the reality of life.

14. What decision does Ursula make during her illness?
(a) She will marry Anton.
(b) She will be relieved to give up her freedom.
(c) She will remain free, and if there is a child, she will raise it herself.
(d) She will be glad to rely upon Anton.

15. How does Tom Brangwen die after returning home from Nottingham?
(a) His horse kicks him in the head.
(b) He has a heart attack.
(c) He dies in his sleep.
(d) He drowns in the flood.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ursula tell Anton in the letter she sends to him?

2. Who is a great comfort to Ursula while she shrinks away from other people, afraid she is not like them?

3. What is the decision Anton and Ursula make the morning after they make love in the sand under the moon?

4. What brings Anton Skrebensky back to the Marsh farm after he returns to the army?

5. What is it about Christmas day that disappoints the Brangwens?

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