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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of teacher does Ursula dream she will be?
(a) She will remain distant from the children.
(b) She will make learning clear, interesting and personal.
(c) She will go through the motions with no enthusiasm.
(d) She will keep a strict classroom.

2. What does Mr. Harby give to Ursula on her last day of school?
(a) A dictionary
(b) A Bible
(c) Two books of poetry, signed by all the teachers
(d) A new pen

3. What is Lydia's advice for Ursula as they discuss Lydia's life with her husbands?
(a) Take all the blame for things that go wrong.
(b) Depend upon the people around you.
(c) Life goes on and don't take too much upon yourself.
(d) Be responsible for everyone around you.

4. What is Ursula's view of religious scripture?
(a) It is to be taken literally.
(b) It is to be strictly followed.
(c) It is just a collection of stories.
(d) It is not to be taken literally.

5. How does Anton react when he is away from Ursula after their affair in London and Paris?
(a) He is glad to be alone.
(b) He feels dead, extinct and sterile.
(c) He needs this time to think.
(d) He is exhilarated and happy.

6. What is it about Christmas day that disappoints the Brangwens?
(a) The Christmas feast is not as big as usual.
(b) The hope of peace and ecstasy fades away.
(c) They did not receive the gifts they hoped for.
(d) Their father is not home.

7. What type of child is Gudrun?
(a) She is not trustworthy.
(b) She is realistic.
(c) She is violent.
(d) She lives in a fantasy world.

8. What brings Anton Skrebensky back to the Marsh farm after he returns to the army?
(a) He misses Ursula
(b) Fred Brangwen's wedding
(c) An invitation from Anna
(d) A letter from Gudrun

9. What is Ursula's first impression of Mr. Skrebensky?
(a) He is worried about what others think of him.
(b) He is sure of himself.
(c) He is timid.
(d) He is a buffoon.

10. Where does the Brangwen family move when William gets his new position?
(a) A flat in Nottingham
(b) In the back of a large church
(c) A villa in Beldover
(d) In a collier's cottage

11. What is the great peace that Ursula finds when she visits her grandmother in her bedroom on Marsh farm?
(a) To know she will get anything she wants from her grandmother
(b) To know her own importance within all those who lived before her
(c) To know she can have all the sweets she wants
(d) To know that her grandmother loves her

12. What do Maggie and Ursula talk about when Ursula visits Belcote?
(a) Music, men, and college
(b) Theatre, music, and love
(c) Poetry, books and learning
(d) Farming, gardening, and teaching

13. What does Lydia Brangwen wish for as she sees the turmoil in her son's lives?
(a) She wishes they would come to her with their troubles.
(b) She wishes she could be more involved in her son's lives.
(c) She wishes they would move away.
(d) She wishes for the peace and innocence of age.

14. Which of the Brangwen boys has a soft, mysterious nature, strange peacefulness, informed air, and brings a foreign touch to the Marsh farm?
(a) Fred
(b) Alfred
(c) Tom
(d) William

15. How does Lydia see herself when she is married to Paul Lensky?
(a) As an empowered woman
(b) As a free spirit
(c) As her own being
(d) As a slave to him

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Christian life affect the Brangwens?

2. How does Ursula react when her father slaps her across the face for letting the children in the parish room?

3. Where does Ursula find a teaching position after her parents forbid her to go to Kingston-on-Thames for an interview?

4. What question torments Ursula as she enters womanhood?

5. What do the Brangwens hear when they wake up the first morning in their new house?

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