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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the Brangwen boys has a soft, mysterious nature, strange peacefulness, informed air, and brings a foreign touch to the Marsh farm?
(a) Alfred
(b) Tom
(c) Fred
(d) William

2. How does Ursula feel about college as she prepares for her final examination?
(a) She thinks college is a sham.
(b) Her studies are the truth of life.
(c) She is as excited as the first day of college
(d) College is the reality of life.

3. What is Ursula's reaction after boys from her class throw stones at her in the street?
(a) She gives up on her teaching job.
(b) She becomes hard and impersonal.
(c) She asks the boys in the class who threw the stones.
(d) She begs the children to work hard.

4. What does Ursula hate about her mother?
(a) Her mother making a living outside the home
(b) Her mother's belief in the rights of women
(c) Her mother's satisfaction with child-bearing and domesticity
(d) Her mother's need for independence

5. Why is Ursula consumed with a fear of herself when she and Anton are in the cornstacks after the wedding?
(a) She has broken Anton, abating his fire.
(b) She is afraid she won't be good enough for Anton.
(c) She is afraid she will say something foolish.
(d) She is afraid of what she might do.

6. What is Lydia's advice for Ursula as they discuss Lydia's life with her husbands?
(a) Take all the blame for things that go wrong.
(b) Depend upon the people around you.
(c) Life goes on and don't take too much upon yourself.
(d) Be responsible for everyone around you.

7. What is the great peace that Ursula finds when she visits her grandmother in her bedroom on Marsh farm?
(a) To know that her grandmother loves her
(b) To know her own importance within all those who lived before her
(c) To know she can have all the sweets she wants
(d) To know she will get anything she wants from her grandmother

8. What does Mr. Harby give to Ursula on her last day of school?
(a) A dictionary
(b) A new pen
(c) Two books of poetry, signed by all the teachers
(d) A Bible

9. Why does 11-year-old Ursula find it a bother to be the eldest of six children?
(a) Because she has to cook every meal
(b) Because she has to wash everyone's clothes
(c) Because she has to homeschool her siblings
(d) Because she has to take three of the six children to school

10. What is Ursula's view of religious scripture?
(a) It is just a collection of stories.
(b) It is to be strictly followed.
(c) It is to be taken literally.
(d) It is not to be taken literally.

11. What is Ursula's first impression of Mr. Skrebensky?
(a) He is timid.
(b) He is a buffoon.
(c) He is worried about what others think of him.
(d) He is sure of himself.

12. What is Ursula's response when Anton asks her if she likes him on the night of Fred's wedding?
(a) She says that she has missed him.
(b) She tells him that she loves him.
(c) She tells him to leave her alone.
(d) She says that of course she likes him.

13. What do Maggie and Ursula talk about when Ursula visits Belcote?
(a) Theatre, music, and love
(b) Music, men, and college
(c) Poetry, books and learning
(d) Farming, gardening, and teaching

14. What is it about Christmas day that disappoints the Brangwens?
(a) The Christmas feast is not as big as usual.
(b) The hope of peace and ecstasy fades away.
(c) Their father is not home.
(d) They did not receive the gifts they hoped for.

15. What do the Brangwens hear when they wake up the first morning in their new house?
(a) A woman yelling at her children
(b) Someone fighting outside
(c) Strange sounds of the town
(d) Different birds chirping

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Lydia's comforting friend after Tom's death?

2. What kind of teacher does Ursula dream she will be?

3. What is young Tom Brangwen feeling behind his healthy, good looks, and well dressed appearance?

4. With whom do the Brangwen girls have a feud?

5. How does Ursula manage to keep order in her classroom?

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