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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Ursula's emotional state on the last day of school before she goes on to college?
(a) She is afraid to start over.
(b) She is depressed about leaving.
(c) She feels free, proud and joyful.
(d) She is sorry to leave.

2. What do Winifred and Ursula do when they are at the bungalow?
(a) They undress, go out in the rain and kiss and hold each other's naked body.
(b) They swim in the lake.
(c) They have tea and figure Algebra problems.
(d) They have tea and discuss literature.

3. What does Lydia Brangwen wish for as she sees the turmoil in her son's lives?
(a) She wishes for the peace and innocence of age.
(b) She wishes she could be more involved in her son's lives.
(c) She wishes they would move away.
(d) She wishes they would come to her with their troubles.

4. What kind of teacher does Ursula dream she will be?
(a) She will remain distant from the children.
(b) She will keep a strict classroom.
(c) She will make learning clear, interesting and personal.
(d) She will go through the motions with no enthusiasm.

5. Why does Ursula enjoy staying at Belcote with Maggie's family?
(a) She and Maggie catch up on old times.
(b) She is treated like a lady by Maggie's brothers.
(c) She enjoys working in Maggie's garden.
(d) It is good to get away from home.

6. What does Ursula hate about her mother?
(a) Her mother's belief in the rights of women
(b) Her mother's satisfaction with child-bearing and domesticity
(c) Her mother's need for independence
(d) Her mother making a living outside the home

7. Why does Ursula's face get a strange, scared look at this time in her life?
(a) She is worried about her studies.
(b) She doesn't want to leave her family.
(c) She is so confused and emotional.
(d) She doesn't want to face adulthood.

8. What is it about Christmas day that disappoints the Brangwens?
(a) The hope of peace and ecstasy fades away.
(b) The Christmas feast is not as big as usual.
(c) Their father is not home.
(d) They did not receive the gifts they hoped for.

9. How does Ursula get through the long weeks while Anton is away?
(a) Going to church every day
(b) As if half alive
(c) Spending time with friends
(d) Praying for his safe return

10. Who is Lydia's comforting friend after Tom's death?
(a) Anna
(b) Ursula
(c) Tilly
(d) Gudrun

11. What does Ursula do in Cossethay when she realizes she will be moving soon?
(a) She insults all her old friends.
(b) She avoids everyone in Cossethay.
(c) She visits all her favorite spots.
(d) She won't converse with old acquaintances.

12. Which of the Brangwen boys has a soft, mysterious nature, strange peacefulness, informed air, and brings a foreign touch to the Marsh farm?
(a) Fred
(b) William
(c) Tom
(d) Alfred

13. What do the Brangwens hear when they wake up the first morning in their new house?
(a) A woman yelling at her children
(b) Strange sounds of the town
(c) Different birds chirping
(d) Someone fighting outside

14. Why is Lydia thankful to Tom for the life he gave her?
(a) Because he let her live in his shadow
(b) Because he let her be herself
(c) Because he gave her all the money she needed
(d) Because she was secure in his dominance

15. What decision does Ursula make during her illness?
(a) She will be glad to rely upon Anton.
(b) She will be relieved to give up her freedom.
(c) She will marry Anton.
(d) She will remain free, and if there is a child, she will raise it herself.

Short Answer Questions

1. What question torments Ursula as she enters womanhood?

2. What keeps Ursula from giving up her studies for the matriculation examination even though they are such a drudgery?

3. Where does Ursula find a teaching position after her parents forbid her to go to Kingston-on-Thames for an interview?

4. What does Anton tell Ursula after she tells him that she does not ever want to get married?

5. What is Lydia's advice for Ursula as they discuss Lydia's life with her husbands?

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