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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brangwen find to replace the desires he has for his wife?
(a) He becomes closer to Anna and drinks more.
(b) He works day and night.
(c) He reads throughout the night.
(d) He spends all his time at the bar.

2. How does William's relationship with Ursula change after the birth of Gudrun?
(a) He ignores her in favor of Gudrun.
(b) He takes her to his heart.
(c) He begins to hate Ursula.
(d) Everything Ursula does irritates him.

3. How does Anna feel about herself as she drives to the wedding with her father?
(a) She is nervous and self-conscious.
(b) She is ecstatic, feeling lovely and flamboyant.
(c) She is embarrassed by her father's crassness.
(d) She feels ugly and inferior.

4. Why does William suffer behind his bright face?
(a) He knows he will never be close to Ursula.
(b) He doesn't have enough to do.
(c) He knows he is limited and unfulfilled.
(d) He fears the will of God.

5. What is the first woodworking gift Will gives to Anna?
(a) A jewelry box carved with birds
(b) A butter stamp with a phoenix on it
(c) Candlesticks with carved flowers
(d) A wooden bowl with carved ivy

6. What is Tom contemplating as he stands at the altar with Anna on her wedding day?
(a) Should he refuse to give Anna away?
(b) What will his life be like without Anna?
(c) Should he take Anna and leave the church?
(d) How does a person grow old and become confident?

7. What is Ursula's impression of her father?
(a) He is a stranger to her.
(b) He is full of magic and fascination to her.
(c) He is cruel and heartless to her.
(d) He is indifferent and loveless to her.

8. As Anna observes the Skrebensky's relationship, what does she wish for herself?
(a) She wants her own life, not absorbed by William.
(b) She wishes William was more dominant.
(c) She wants to be as one person with William.
(d) She wishes she and William were closer.

9. Where have generations of Brangwens lived?
(a) London
(b) The Marsh Farm
(c) Edinburg
(d) The Brangwen Ranch

10. When do Effie and Tom begin fiercely quarreling with each other?
(a) After their father breaks his neck
(b) After the death of their mother
(c) When Tom gets back from school
(d) When Effie becomes engaged

11. What would happen to the women of Cossethay if the vicar, Lord William, and Mrs. Hardy were taken away from them?
(a) They would feel less intimidated.
(b) They would be heavy, uninspired, and hateful.
(c) They would feel more at ease in public.
(d) They would feel more successful with their lives.

12. How do Anna and Will react as the men continue singing in the garden?
(a) They look out the window and join in the singing.
(b) They hold each other close, no longer hearing the voices.
(c) They go to another room, so they won't hear the singing.
(d) They become angry, wishing the men would leave.

13. How does Anna react as she sits at the bar while Tom goes to sell his cow at the cattle market?
(a) She feels alone and thinks Tom will never come back to get her.
(b) She feels grown up and hopes Tom will stay away for a while.
(c) She likes talking to all the men at the market.
(d) She enjoys all the men, smells, and noise around her.

14. Who dominates the whole wedding party?
(a) Lydia Brangwen
(b) Tom, Alfred, and Frank Brangwen
(c) Alfred Brangwen's wife
(d) Anna and William

15. How does Tom feel as he watches his wife in the pain of childbirth?
(a) He is indifferent to her moans of pain.
(b) He wishes they weren't having a baby.
(c) His heart is tortured, yet he is at peace.
(d) He just wants it to be over.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lydia's mental state in the last few months of her pregnancy?

2. Who does Tom believe he is destined to marry?

3. What does Will Brangwen feel guilty about while he is on his honeymoon?

4. How does Tom think his brother Alfred feels about him?

5. How does Lydia act toward Tom when she becomes pregnant?

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