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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What decision does Ursula make during her illness?
(a) She will be relieved to give up her freedom.
(b) She will marry Anton.
(c) She will remain free, and if there is a child, she will raise it herself.
(d) She will be glad to rely upon Anton.

2. What do Winifred and Ursula do when they are at the bungalow?
(a) They swim in the lake.
(b) They have tea and discuss literature.
(c) They undress, go out in the rain and kiss and hold each other's naked body.
(d) They have tea and figure Algebra problems.

3. What is Ursula's response when Anton asks her if she likes him on the night of Fred's wedding?
(a) She tells him that she loves him.
(b) She says that of course she likes him.
(c) She tells him to leave her alone.
(d) She says that she has missed him.

4. How does Ursula view college as she sits in the lecture hall for her first class?
(a) She is annoyed by the medieval buildings.
(b) Time fades away and she listens with ecstasy.
(c) College is drudgery.
(d) She sees college as a necessity, but not enjoyable.

5. How does Will view Anna as they wait to be married?
(a) He is having second thoughts about her.
(b) She will make a wonderful home maker.
(c) She is becoming boring.
(d) She is a flame that consumes him.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Will react to Anna's preparations for a tea party?

2. Why does Ursula enjoy staying at Belcote with Maggie's family?

3. What is Ursula's impression of her father?

4. What is Ursula's secret weapon toward independence if her studies do not work out?

5. What would happen to the women of Cossethay if the vicar, Lord William, and Mrs. Hardy were taken away from them?

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