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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Anna's reaction when Tom carries her into the barn?
(a) She knocks over the cow's food pail.
(b) She screams hysterically.
(c) She kicks and screams.
(d) She becomes quiet and still.

2. What does the rainbow forming over the corrupt land symbolize for Ursula?
(a) Yearning
(b) Love
(c) Hope
(d) Forgiveness

3. How does Tom finally meet Mrs. Lensky, carrying on a conversation with her?
(a) She meets him at church.
(b) She meets him on the road near his house.
(c) She comes to his farm asking for butter.
(d) She meets him at the market.

4. How does Lydia emerge from her indifference, becoming a new person?
(a) She falls in love with the vicar.
(b) She decides to move back to Poland.
(c) She lives through her daughter.
(d) She meets Tom Brangwen in Cossethay.

5. What gift does Tom give Will and Anna for their wedding?
(a) He gives them a share in the farm.
(b) He gives them a cottage in Cossethay.
(c) He gives them a horse and carriage.
(d) He gives them his favorite stallion.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Tom react when Anna refuses to let Tilly put her in her nightdress?

2. How does Lydia see herself when she is married to Paul Lensky?

3. How does Tom feel as he watches his wife in the pain of childbirth?

4. What does Ursula try to figure out as she lies with a fever in bed?

5. When Ursula believes she is pregnant with Anton's child, what does she decide about her mother's life?

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