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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Tom finally meet Mrs. Lensky, carrying on a conversation with her?
(a) She meets him at the market.
(b) She comes to his farm asking for butter.
(c) She meets him at church.
(d) She meets him on the road near his house.

2. What does Tom crave more than ever from his wife?
(a) Obedience
(b) Love and passion
(c) Her stories about Poland
(d) Quiet conversations

3. Who does Tom believe he is destined to marry?
(a) The Polish widow, Mrs. Lensky
(b) The vicar's daughter
(c) Tilly's sister
(d) Anna

4. What is the great peace that Ursula finds when she visits her grandmother in her bedroom on Marsh farm?
(a) To know that her grandmother loves her
(b) To know she can have all the sweets she wants
(c) To know her own importance within all those who lived before her
(d) To know she will get anything she wants from her grandmother

5. What do Tom, Alfred, Frank, the brother-in-law, William's brother, and six other men decide to do after Anna and Will leave for their cottage?
(a) They decide to go to the cottage and sing a carol.
(b) They decide to go to the pub for a drink.
(c) They decide to have a horse race.
(d) They decide to have wrestling matches.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anna say to Tom that cuts him to the heart?

2. What is Skrebensky's view on the role of an individual?

3. How does William's relationship with Ursula change after the birth of Gudrun?

4. Why does Lydia feel sorry for her first husband, Paul Lensky?

5. What is Tom's attitude toward his own life while his wife is miserable?

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