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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tom crave more than ever from his wife?
(a) Quiet conversations
(b) Her stories about Poland
(c) Love and passion
(d) Obedience

2. Why does William suffer behind his bright face?
(a) He knows he is limited and unfulfilled.
(b) He doesn't have enough to do.
(c) He knows he will never be close to Ursula.
(d) He fears the will of God.

3. How does Anna feel about herself as she drives to the wedding with her father?
(a) She is ecstatic, feeling lovely and flamboyant.
(b) She is nervous and self-conscious.
(c) She is embarrassed by her father's crassness.
(d) She feels ugly and inferior.

4. What does Brangwen find to replace the desires he has for his wife?
(a) He reads throughout the night.
(b) He works day and night.
(c) He spends all his time at the bar.
(d) He becomes closer to Anna and drinks more.

5. What does Alfred tell Tom every person must do?
(a) No one can be happy alone.
(b) Be happy to have a wife to go through life with
(c) Go on with life by yourself
(d) Everyone needs other people

Short Answer Questions

1. What is it about Anna that leaves William unsatisfied and unfulfilled?

2. What gift does Tom give Will and Anna for their wedding?

3. How does Lydia act toward Tom when she becomes pregnant?

4. How does Anna feel about people she meets outside the Marsh farm?

5. What does Will discover about himself as he kisses Anna in the moonlight?

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