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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Tom take Anna as she hysterically cries for her mother?
(a) He takes her to her mother.
(b) He takes her in the quiet, warm barn to feed the cows.
(c) He takes her to the kitchen for a glass of water.
(d) He takes her to her bed, demanding that she stop crying.

2. What is Anna's initial reaction when the eleven men start singing in the garden of the cottage, outside Anna and Will's window?
(a) Embarrassment
(b) Amusement
(c) Fear
(d) Sadness

3. What does Tom see in the loft of the barn that distresses him, making him feel like an old man?
(a) His gray haired wife, shooing the owls away
(b) His thirteen year old dog, dead in the hay
(c) Anna and Will in each other's arms, kissing
(d) Rotted timbers that need to be replaced

4. What is Anna's emotional response to the cathedral?
(a) She wants to remain in its confines forever.
(b) She finally agrees with William's passion for the church.
(c) She is in awe, but prefers the freedom of the sky.
(d) She feels God is alive at the altar.

5. What is the first woodworking gift Will gives to Anna?
(a) A butter stamp with a phoenix on it
(b) Candlesticks with carved flowers
(c) A wooden bowl with carved ivy
(d) A jewelry box carved with birds

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the question William asks himself when he and Anna are constantly tormenting one another?

2. What does Will Brangwen feel guilty about while he is on his honeymoon?

3. How does Anna react as she sits at the bar while Tom goes to sell his cow at the cattle market?

4. Why does Tom love to visit Anna and William?

5. What is Tom's reaction to Lydia after they are married and the guests leave?

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