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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Tom find the end of youth's passionate desire, losing his individuality?
(a) After three days of constant brandy drinking
(b) After three days of working in the fields
(c) After three days of praying
(d) After three days of silence and solitude

2. What is Tom's reaction to Lydia after they are married and the guests leave?
(a) He is terrified at her strangeness and cannot meet her eyes.
(b) He is ecstatic with joy and cannot wait to hold her.
(c) He is indifferent to his new wife.
(d) He is rough and cruel to her.

3. What does Alfred tell Tom every person must do?
(a) Be happy to have a wife to go through life with
(b) No one can be happy alone.
(c) Everyone needs other people
(d) Go on with life by yourself

4. What gift does Tom give Will and Anna for their wedding?
(a) He gives them a horse and carriage.
(b) He gives them a cottage in Cossethay.
(c) He gives them his favorite stallion.
(d) He gives them a share in the farm.

5. What do Lydia and Tom discover about each other after two years of marriage?
(a) They find fulfillment in each other.
(b) They realize they do not belong together.
(c) They discover they do not love one another.
(d) They find they will never know one another.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where have generations of Brangwens lived?

2. How does Anna view her relationship with her cousin Will?

3. How does Tom think his brother Alfred feels about him?

4. What is the bitter lesson Tom learns after his son is born?

5. Where is Anna's favorite place to stop on the way to the cattle market?

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