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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Anna feel about herself as she drives to the wedding with her father?
(a) She feels ugly and inferior.
(b) She is embarrassed by her father's crassness.
(c) She is ecstatic, feeling lovely and flamboyant.
(d) She is nervous and self-conscious.

2. What does Lydia Brangwen wish for as she sees the turmoil in her son's lives?
(a) She wishes for the peace and innocence of age.
(b) She wishes she could be more involved in her son's lives.
(c) She wishes they would come to her with their troubles.
(d) She wishes they would move away.

3. How does Will react to Anna's preparations for a tea party?
(a) He is glad to be back in the world.
(b) He is angry, retreating into blackness.
(c) He can't wait to see other people.
(d) He is excited, helping with the cleaning.

4. Why does Anna relinquish her adventurous spirit and wonder of the unknown?
(a) Her father tells her to grow up.
(b) She becomes content with another pregnancy.
(c) Her mother tells her to be a responsible wife.
(d) She is beaten down by William.

5. What is Ursula's view of religious scripture?
(a) It is not to be taken literally.
(b) It is to be strictly followed.
(c) It is just a collection of stories.
(d) It is to be taken literally.

Short Answer Questions

1. What angers Anna about Will's attitude at church?

2. What are William's thoughts about the cathedral as he returns home?

3. How does Tom react when Anna refuses to let Tilly put her in her nightdress?

4. What is Anna's initial reaction to her mother's marriage to Tom?

5. What type of child is Gudrun?

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