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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Tom feel as he watches his wife in the pain of childbirth?
(a) He just wants it to be over.
(b) His heart is tortured, yet he is at peace.
(c) He wishes they weren't having a baby.
(d) He is indifferent to her moans of pain.

2. How does Anna feel about Tom after the baby is born?
(a) She grows to love him, spending more time with him.
(b) She wants to move away from him with her mother and the baby.
(c) She still resents him.
(d) She ignores him.

3. What is Tom's attitude toward his own life while his wife is miserable?
(a) He is moody and miserable too.
(b) He keeps the pain at the bottom of his heart and enjoys his life.
(c) He is always happy.
(d) He doesn't care that his wife is in misery.

4. How does Tom react when Anna refuses to let Tilly put her in her nightdress?
(a) Tom tells Tilly to let Anna go to bed in her clothes.
(b) Tom spanks Anna, telling her to stop crying.
(c) Tom angrily undresses Anna, putting her in her nightdress himself.
(d) Tom cuddles with Anna, saying she is a good girl.

5. How does Anna view her relationship with her cousin Will?
(a) She finds him annoying.
(b) She finds him stupid and useless.
(c) He is her escape from the farm into the outside world.
(d) She is indifferent to him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tom say a man's soul and a woman's soul united in marriage becomes?

2. How does Tom think his brother Alfred feels about him?

3. What gift does Tom give Will and Anna for their wedding?

4. How does Anna feel about people she meets outside the Marsh farm?

5. How does Tom feel about himself after meeting Alfred's lover, the lady, Mrs. Forbes?

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