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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the description of the relationship between Anna and William in this chapter?
(a) It is an equal partnership.
(b) It is full of humor and longing.
(c) It is full of love and conflict.
(d) It is carefree and loving.

2. How does Will react to Anna's preparations for a tea party?
(a) He can't wait to see other people.
(b) He is angry, retreating into blackness.
(c) He is glad to be back in the world.
(d) He is excited, helping with the cleaning.

3. What are William's actions with the girl he takes to the park?
(a) He has an intellectual conversation with her.
(b) He dances with her.
(c) He kisses and caresses her, hoping to take her.
(d) He walks with her.

4. How does Lydia see herself when she is married to Paul Lensky?
(a) As an empowered woman
(b) As a slave to him
(c) As her own being
(d) As a free spirit

5. What does Tom see in the loft of the barn that distresses him, making him feel like an old man?
(a) His thirteen year old dog, dead in the hay
(b) Rotted timbers that need to be replaced
(c) His gray haired wife, shooing the owls away
(d) Anna and Will in each other's arms, kissing

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Anna unable to tell William for four days, while they battle with each other?

2. How does William adapt to life as a husband and father of three children?

3. Who is Lydia's comforting friend after Tom's death?

4. How old is Ursula when a third child is born to Anna and William?

5. What does Anna say to Tom that cuts him to the heart?

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