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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Anna's temperament and William's temperament complement one another?
(a) She is the storm. He is the calm.
(b) She is arrogant. He is humble.
(c) She is the rain. He is the sunshine.
(d) She is sunlight. He is darkness.

2. What type of child is Gudrun?
(a) She is active, and athletic.
(b) She is volatile and quick tempered.
(c) She is quiet, mild-mannered, but indomitable.
(d) She is slow and meek.

3. What does Will Brangwen feel guilty about while he is on his honeymoon?
(a) For ignoring Anna
(b) For never wanting to go back to the world
(c) For shutting himself off from the world
(d) For wanting Anna so much

4. How does William become reborn, learning to be himself and alone?
(a) He leaves Anna for two weeks.
(b) Anna forces him to sleep alone.
(c) He forces Anna to sleep in another room.
(d) He goes to church every day.

5. Which of the Brangwen boys has a soft, mysterious nature, strange peacefulness, informed air, and brings a foreign touch to the Marsh farm?
(a) Tom
(b) Alfred
(c) William
(d) Fred

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Will react to Anna's preparations for a tea party?

2. Why is Lydia thankful to Tom for the life he gave her?

3. Why does Lydia feel sorry for her first husband, Paul Lensky?

4. What is the question William asks himself when he and Anna are constantly tormenting one another?

5. What continues to torment Tom even though he is proud and fulfilled in his marriage?

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