The Rainbow Character Descriptions

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Tom Brangwen

This character is the younger son of the Brangwen family and takes over the family farm after the death of his father.

Lydia Lensky Brangwen

This widow is born in Poland, moves to Cossethay, and marries Tom Brangwen.

Anna Lensky Brangwen

This person has Polish parents but is raised in England. She forms a very close relationship with her stepfather.

Will Brangwen

This character is the son of Tom's brother.

Ursula Brangwen

This character is the eldest child of Anna and Will Brangwen. She has both heterosexual and homosexual affairs and attends college.

Anton Skrebensky

This character falls in love and becomes engaged to Ursula Brangwen.

Winifred Inger

This school mistress at Ursula's school has a homosexual relationship with Ursula.

Maggie Schofield

This character is a friend of Ursula's and a fellow teacher at St. Phillips School.

Tom Brangwen (Junior)

This man marries Winifred Inger.

Gudrun Brangwen

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