The Rainbow Character Descriptions

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Tom Brangwen - This character is the younger son of the Brangwen family and takes over the family farm after the death of his father.

Lydia Lensky Brangwen - This widow is born in Poland, moves to Cossethay, and marries Tom Brangwen.

Anna Lensky Brangwen - This person has Polish parents but is raised in England. She forms a very close relationship with her stepfather.

Will Brangwen - This character is the son of Tom's brother.

Ursula Brangwen - This character is the eldest child of Anna and Will Brangwen. She has both heterosexual and homosexual affairs and attends college.

Anton Skrebensky - This character falls in love and becomes engaged to Ursula Brangwen.

Winifred Inger - This school mistress at Ursula's school has a homosexual relationship with Ursula.

Maggie Schofield - This character is a friend of Ursula's and a fellow teacher at St. Phillips School...

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