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Chapter 1

• The Brangwens live a comfortable life on Marsh farm.

• They receive a large payment for a newly constructed canal cutting through their land.

• The Midland Railway brings more prosperity to the Brangwens.

• Tom Brangwen takes over the farm after the death of his father.
• Tom decides to marry the widow, Lydia Lensky.

• Lydia works for the vicar.

• Lydia has a young daughter named Anna.

Chapter 2

• Lydia's first two children die of diphtheria in Poland.

• Lydia and her husband, Paul, move to England where he dies.

• Lydia meets Tom Brangwen who lifts her from her depression.

• Lydia and Tom get married.
• Anna, Lydia's daughter resents Tom's relationship with her mother.

• Lydia is depressed during her last few months of pregnancy.

• Anna becomes hysterical while Lydia is in labor.

• Tom carries Anna through the rain to the barn to feed the cows.

• Anna becomes quiet and still while in...

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