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Short Answer Questions

1. What threat makes O'Neil talk in his interrogation?

2. What does Kirk compare the Project to while talking to Popov?

3. Who does Clark get permission from to talk to Sergey?

4. What can the Tricoder detect?

5. How does Popov take Grady's money?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information does Popov give that tells the FBI he is telling the truth?

2. What makes O'Neill upset enough to give up information about Popov?

3. What does Clark tell Brightling to do once he surrenders?

4. What does Popov demand in exchange for his information on the project?

5. What happens to Popov in Killgore's office?

6. What makes Popov think Brightling might be involved with chemical warfare?

7. What is the difference in the two vaccines made by Horizon?

8. What does Popov do when he meets with Killgore in the cafeteria?

9. What calms Popov's fears about kidnapping when he gets to Kansas?

10. What does Hunnicut tell Popov about the project?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What are some of the key examples of gratitude in this book, and how do these instances affect that characters involved in those scenes?

Essay Topic 2

Nature is a very important symbol of this book as presented by Brightling's company. How does this central theme of nature change the tone of the book?

Essay Topic 3

Science is a very important tool used by both the good and bad characters in this book. Please cite some of these examples from the book in an essay explaining the pros and cons of the tool of science.

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