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Hereford, England

This is the location of the newly-formed, secret, anti-terrorism unit named Rainbow.

Bern, Switzerland

This is the location of the first terrorist incident to which Rainbow is dispatched.

Vienna, Austria

Rainbow's second terrorist encounter is in a private residence outside this city.

Madrid, Spain

This is the city where a hostage situation happens at a large amusement park called World Park.

New York City

Dozens of people to be used as subjects in a diabolical research study are kidnapped from the streets of this place.

Washington, D.C.

This is the location of Carol Brightling's office.

State of Kansas -- Wheat Field

Horizon Corporation, a multi-million dollar pharmaceutical company, builds a huge complex in the middle of this remote area.

Bitterroot Mountains -- Montana

Foster Hunnicut's ranch is located in this place.

Sydney, Australia

This is the site of the Olympic Games.

Manaus, Brazil

This is...

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