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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Harry borrow from Tothero before they go to eat dinner?

2. What type of food is a Fosnacht?

3. In what month does this section of reading take place?

4. Where does Rabbit brag about having eaten Chinese food?

5. How does Tothero compare Ruth to Margaret?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Harry and Lucy's first meeting dangerous?

2. Why is Joyce Eccles afraid?

3. Why does Mrs. Angstrom feel no pity for Janice?

4. Why does Rabbit leave his car at Janice's apartment?

5. How is Janice's attitude toward Rabbit conflicted at this point?

6. What factors cause Harry to storm out of Club Castanet?

7. How does Harry ruin his daughter's funeral?

8. How strong a golfer is Rabbit compared to Eccles?

9. How has Nelson dealt with Harry's absence, according to Janice?

10. Explain the significance of the title of the novel, particularly regarding the final passages.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Updike spends quite a bit of time in the novel dealing with the mechanics and politics of sexual intercourse. Write an essay comparing his two extended sex scenes: Harry's first night with Ruth Leonard, and Harry's aborted attempt to have sex with Janice after she gives birth. What does Harry want in these scenes? What do the women want? How does each participant try to gain the upper hand? What is Updike saying about the nature of inter-gender communication?

Essay Topic 2

The novel is largely told from Harry Angstrom's point of view, and much of his time is spent contending with the women in his life. Write an essay on Harry's ambivalent attitude toward women in three parts:

Part 1) What does Janice Angstrom represent to her husband throughout the novel? Why are they continually at odds with each other? What does Harry actually like about his wife?

Part 2) On of the strangest and most dangerous relationships that Harry has is with Lucy Eccles What is so precarious about their interactions? What do they seem to want from each other, and what stands in the way of this?

Part 3) To what extend is Ruth Leonard a happy medium for Harry between his wife and someone like Lucy Eccles? Why is he so happy for the time he is with her? What destroys this happiness?

Essay Topic 3

Harry Angstrom is often little more than a lost child in the novel. He constantly searches for a mentor, someone who can simply tell him the right way. Write an essay about three people Harry looks to for guidance. How do these people come into his life, and why does he look up to them? What advice do they give him? Does it help?

Part 1) Marty Tothero

Part 2) Jack Eccles

Part 3) Mr. Springer

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