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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Lucy Eccles revere as a God?

2. With which religious designation does Eccles characterize his reactionary father?

3. What does Rabbit smell on Tothero when he is awakened?

4. How many points does Harry say he scored in his first game under Tothero?

5. How does Rabbit pointedly describe his marriage to Janice when speaking with Eccles?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Harry and Lucy's first meeting dangerous?

2. Explain the significance of the title of the novel, particularly regarding the final passages.

3. What is Harry's work situation after he returns home?

4. Why does Janice begin drinking so heavily in this section?

5. Why does Mrs. Angstrom feel no pity for Janice?

6. Describe Rabbit's run to the hospital.

7. In what state is Janice when Harry comes to her room?

8. Describe Tothero's living arrangements.

9. Why does Ruth insist that Rabbit has it made in life?

10. Describe Nelson Angstrom.

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Harry Angstrom is referred to often by his old nickname, Rabbit. The names Harry and Rabbit become virtually interchangeable. Write an essay on the symbolic significance of this nickname. How did Harry get it, and why is he alright with it sticking as it does? What does the nickname mean in terms of his worldview? His reliability? His idea of self?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay about Janice Angstrom's inner struggle with her own self-image. How does her relationship with Harry affect the way in which she views herself? In what way do her children serve as surrogates for her husband? Why does she turn to alcohol so often to cope with life? Explore these questions as you chart her character's arc.

Essay Topic 3

Updike spends quite a bit of time in the novel dealing with the mechanics and politics of sexual intercourse. Write an essay comparing his two extended sex scenes: Harry's first night with Ruth Leonard, and Harry's aborted attempt to have sex with Janice after she gives birth. What does Harry want in these scenes? What do the women want? How does each participant try to gain the upper hand? What is Updike saying about the nature of inter-gender communication?

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