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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ruth say is different about her sex with Rabbit?

2. Where on Tothero's body does Margaret strike him at dinner?

3. What type of flower garden does Eccles secure Harry a job tending?

4. What type of food is a Fosnacht?

5. What television show do Janis and Harry watch?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Ruth's high school relationship with Harrison.

2. How is Janice's attitude toward Rabbit conflicted at this point?

3. What has Rabbit decided about Ruth by the end of this section?

4. What does Joyce Eccles call Harry, and why?

5. How strong a golfer is Rabbit compared to Eccles?

6. How is Harry greeted at the hospital?

7. What is Jack Eccles supposed to be doing instead of playing golf?

8. Why does Janice begin drinking so heavily in this section?

9. Why does Harry take off his shoes on his walk up Mt. Judge?

10. How does Ruth respond to Harry's decision to join his wife in the hospital?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Marty Tothero seems like a cautionary figure when the prodigal Harry shows up at the Sunshine Athletic Association. He is separated from his wife, living in a storage closet, and occasionally attached to a likely prostitute. Write an essay about Tothero and Harry as kindred souls. What warnings does Tothero make to Harry? How does Harry feel like Tothero in his second date with Ruth and Margaret? Why does Harry always want to get away from Tothero?

Essay Topic 2

The novel is largely told from Harry Angstrom's point of view, and much of his time is spent contending with the women in his life. Write an essay on Harry's ambivalent attitude toward women in three parts:

Part 1) What does Janice Angstrom represent to her husband throughout the novel? Why are they continually at odds with each other? What does Harry actually like about his wife?

Part 2) On of the strangest and most dangerous relationships that Harry has is with Lucy Eccles What is so precarious about their interactions? What do they seem to want from each other, and what stands in the way of this?

Part 3) To what extend is Ruth Leonard a happy medium for Harry between his wife and someone like Lucy Eccles? Why is he so happy for the time he is with her? What destroys this happiness?

Essay Topic 3

Harry Angstrom feels terrorized by both his parents and his in-laws. They, in turn, are sharply and painfully divided in their opinions to of his actions. Write an essay regarding the parents in RABBIT, RUN, dividing them into those that fiercely support Harry and those that grow to revile him. Why do some stick by him? What does he mean to these people?

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