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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Angstrom mistakenly call Eccles several times during his visit?
(a) Kruppenbauch
(b) Sir
(c) Father
(d) Jake

2. Who has just called Ruth when Harry arrives?
(a) Jack Eccles
(b) Margaret
(c) Janice
(d) Tothero

3. Where did Rabbit once buy a black necklace for Janice?
(a) Antigua
(b) Boston
(c) Dallas
(d) Java

4. Why does Mrs. Angstrom suggest that Janice's father will not call the police?
(a) The town Sheriff hates him
(b) He wants to keep the affair out of the papers
(c) He has several outstanding tickets
(d) He essentially likes Rabbit

5. Which of the following outrages is not one that Rabbit lists as his conglomeration of sin?
(a) Cruelty
(b) Flight
(c) Perversity
(d) Obcenity

6. Why does Janice have trouble feeding Rebecca?
(a) Her nipple keeps coming out of her mouth
(b) Janice has very little milk left
(c) Rebecca is not hungry
(d) Her breasts are incredibly sore

7. What does Billy Fosnacht steal from Nelson Angstrom?
(a) A ball
(b) A toy truck
(c) A kitten
(d) A cookie

8. What does Mrs. Springer's dog do to Nelson?
(a) Urinates on him
(b) Bites him
(c) Licks him
(d) Snarls at him

9. To what animal does Mrs. Springer compare Harry when she arrives at the waiting room?
(a) Buzzard
(b) Goat
(c) Chimpanzee
(d) Rabbit

10. What derogatory term does Harry use to describe Harrison's role on the basketball team?
(a) Benchwarmer
(b) Roadblock
(c) Playmaker
(d) Towel boy

11. Where does Janice leave Rebecca while she cleans up the kitchen?
(a) The bath
(b) An armchair
(c) Her crib
(d) The floor

12. What ethnicity does Janice feel she resembles with her tanned skin?
(a) Greek
(b) Puerto Rican
(c) Polynesian
(d) Italian

13. Who does Harry agree should see Janice before he does?
(a) Mr, Springer
(b) Eccles
(c) Nelson
(d) Mrs. Springer

14. What drink does Janice want while drugged?
(a) An old-fashioned
(b) Lemonade
(c) Orangeade
(d) Limeade

15. What does Ruth try to do after Harry leaves at the end of this section?
(a) Masturbate
(b) Throw up
(c) Cry
(d) Go to sleep

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Marty Tothero in the hospital?

2. What is Reverend Kruppenbach's first name?

3. Who made Janice switch obstetricians when she became pregnant a second time?

4. What movie has Janice gone to see when Eccles visits her parents at the beginning of this section?

5. Which of the following is not a profession that Kruppenbach accuses Eccles of attempting in arbitrating the Angstrom affair?

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