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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On what holiday do Ruth and Harry go swimming in this section?
(a) Labor Day
(b) Memorial Day
(c) Independence Day
(d) Easter

2. What type of food is a Fosnacht?
(a) A donut
(b) A wurst
(c) A cake
(d) A steamed vegetable

3. What was Mrs. Smith's father's profession?
(a) A farmer
(b) An insurance salesman
(c) A dockworker
(d) A banker

4. To what does Mrs. Smith twice compare the Bianchi that she and her husband brought in from New York?
(a) A prince
(b) A cavalryman
(c) A whore
(d) A swan

5. From what television show does Rabbit admit stealing his religious analogy about the tree and the waterfall?
(a) As the World Turns
(b) The Mouseketeers
(c) The Twilight Zone
(d) Twenty-One

6. What would Mrs. Smith tell her husband to plant rather than flowers?
(a) Herbs
(b) Honeysuckle
(c) Buckwheat
(d) Apple trees

7. What is the name of the first man with whom Ruth had sex?
(a) Harrison
(b) Daniel
(c) Kurt
(d) Stephen

8. Where on Tothero's body does Margaret strike him at dinner?
(a) His crotch
(b) His chest
(c) His arm
(d) His mouth

9. What ecstatic poet does Eccles frequently read to his daughter?
(a) Blake
(b) Kabir
(c) Belloc
(d) Rumi

10. Where does Rabbit want to leave his car?
(a) At his mother's house
(b) In front of Ruth's building
(c) At his and Janice's apartment
(d) In front of the Sunshine Athletic Association

11. During what Catholic holy day does this section of reading take place?
(a) All Saints Day
(b) Palm Sunday
(c) May Day
(d) Good Friday

12. What does Harry pick up from his mother-in-law's house?
(a) His car
(b) His basketball
(c) His altered suit
(d) His son

13. Which of the following is not an item Harry picks up at the grocery?
(a) French fries
(b) Orange juice
(c) Lima beans
(d) Raisin bread

14. As he drives south, Rabbit considers what it would be like to make love to the women of what wealthy family?
(a) Du Pont
(b) Kennedy
(c) Babcock
(d) Rockefeller

15. What does Ruth call Harry when he asks her if she is really a whore?
(a) A child
(b) A john
(c) A rat
(d) A bastard

Short Answer Questions

1. How many children do the Eccleses have?

2. In front of what building does Rabbit park his car after returning to Mt. Judge?

3. What does Rabbit smell on Tothero when he is awakened?

4. For what ostensible expense does Harry give Ruth fifteen dollars at the end of dinner?

5. Which of the following is not a news story that Rabbit hears on the radio while driving south?

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