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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 8 (191-230).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What inappropriate action does Rabbit take with Lucy Eccles right before her her husband enters the room?
(a) Spanks her
(b) Kisses her
(c) Pinches her behind
(d) Grazes her breast

2. To what martyr does Mrs. Angstrom mockingly compare Janice?
(a) Saint Peter
(b) Joan of Arc
(c) Sarah
(d) Sebastian

3. What service does Harry request of the farmer in addition to gas?
(a) Checking the tires
(b) Adding coolant
(c) Checking the oil
(d) Cleaning the windshield

4. Of what city was Eccles' grandfather Bishop?
(a) Pittsburgh
(b) Annapolis
(c) Hartford
(d) Providence

5. Who does Harry think Lucy Eccles is when he arrives at her house?
(a) Eccles' babysitter
(b) Eccles' sister
(c) Eccles' daughter
(d) Eccles' secretary

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Janice refuse to do since coming home from the hospital?

2. What does Mrs. Smith give Nelson when Harry comes over to quit?

3. What is Ruth reading when Harry returns to her apartment?

4. What information about his situation is Harry surprised to hear that Eccles knows?

5. What does Reverend Eccles desperately crave as he visits the Springers and Angstroms?

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