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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 6 (140-179).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the club where Ruth and Harry go in this section?
(a) Moonlight Lounge
(b) The Running Horse
(c) Cher Noir
(d) Club Castanet

2. How does Rabbit know Ben Shamberger?
(a) From Tothero's basketball team
(b) From the Five and Dime
(c) From the army
(d) From middle school

3. How many points does Harry say he scored in his first game under Tothero?
(a) 30
(b) 23
(c) 15
(d) 37

4. What does Mrs. Springer's dog do to Nelson?
(a) Snarls at him
(b) Licks him
(c) Bites him
(d) Urinates on him

5. After Allie betrays her, where does Ruth go for sexual pleasure?
(a) Married men
(b) Herself
(c) Older men
(d) Women

Short Answer Questions

1. What would Mrs. Smith tell her husband to plant rather than flowers?

2. What event has taken Jack Eccles out of town when Mrs. Springer calls?

3. About how old was Mrs. Smith's son when he was killed in World War II?

4. According to Mrs. Spring what do Harry and Nelson Angstrom have in common?

5. What does Harry insist Ruth do to make up for her time with Harrison?

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