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Write a Poem

The characters of RABBIT, RUN lead lives of quiet desperation, lives that drive them to maddeningly destructive behavior. Each student should choose a character from the book and write a poem from that character's point of view.

From the Community

RABBIT, RUN is well-regarded in part because it lends the arc of great tragedy to an unusually honest portrait of suburban small-town America. Imagine you were filming an adaptation of the novel using amateur actors. Who from the local community would you choose to play:

- Harry

- Janice

- Jack Eccles

- Lucy Eccles

- Marty Tothero

- Ruth Leonard

- Margaret

- Mrs. Smith

- Mrs. Springer

- Mr. Springer

- Mrs. Angstrom

- Mr. Angstrom

- Harrison

Lost Months on Janice

John Updike pointedly removes Janice from the book for the entire two months that Harry is living with Ruth Leonard. Write...

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