Rabbit, Run Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Section 1 (through page 48)

• Harry plays basketball with a group of teenagers.

• Harry has a fight with Janice.

• Harry attempts to drive to Georgia.

• Giving up in rural Maryland, Harry returns to Mt. Judge.

• Harry sleeps outside of Sunshine Athletic Association to wait for his old coach, Tothero.

Section 2 (pages 48-84)

• Tothero wakes Harry and invited him on a double date.

• Tothero, Margaret, Harry and Ruth go to a Chinese restaurant.

• Tothero and Margaret get in an argument and leave.

• Harry and Ruth go back to Ruth's apartment.

• Harry and Ruth have sex.

Section 3 (pages 84-109)

• The next morning, Ruth and Harry argue about God.

• Harry picks up groceries for their lunch.

• Harry drops off his car and collects clothes at his apartment while Janice is away.

• Jack Eccles talks to Harry and Janice and the two agree to go golfing.

• Harry and Ruth climb to the top of...

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