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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the disagreement between Lestat and Akasha?

2. Which of the twins usually did the talking in the early days?

3. What does Akasha believe will be the result of her reign?

4. What effect does Maharet's red hair have on Marius' mood?

5. What is the "blood god" wearing when Akasha and Lestat arrive?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Lestat feel about the events that led to him becoming a vampire?

2. Was Akasha unconscious and unaware during her years of dormancy?

3. Describe Lestat's feelings as he watches Akasha's plan unfolding.

4. What, to Maharet, is more important than her life, even more important than finding her twin?

5. Once the twins are back in their cell, what does Amel tell them about himself?

6. Khayman is the longtime servant of the King and Queen. He also has a soft spot for the twins. To whom is he the most loyal during the early period of the vampires?

7. Akasha wants 99 percent of male humans killed, reasoning that a world ruled by women will be more peaceful than the world under the rule of men. What is the irony of that plan?

8. Lestat is very reluctant to cooperate with Akasha's plan and tries to talk her out of it. What is it about him that attracts her, even though she can't control him?

9. Who was keeping Akasha still on the throne and what does she do to that person?

10. Enkil and Akasha are frightened and ashamed of what they have become, even though they have no name for it. What has come over them and how do they act?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is Lestat's relationship with Claudia? What is the significance of the doll that he gives her each year for her birthday and how does Claudia react to the gift? Why does Jesse have such a strong reaction to the doll she finds at Lestat's house?

Essay Topic 2

The gathering of the vampires includes some who are ancient and some who are newly made. Pick three--of varying age and/or temperament--and analyze what strengths they bring to the situation at hand.

Essay Topic 3

As Maharet tells the saga of the twins to the assembled vampires, she recalls an argument between Mekare and the evil spirit Amel about the nature of flesh, spirit and soul. As a result, Amel lingers around the witches. Eventually, he does something catastrophic. Discuss the argument between Amel and Mekare. How does it explain Amel's subsequent action?

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