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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the twins usually did the talking in the early days?
(a) Maharet.
(b) Mekare.
(c) Both; they say everything in unison.
(d) Both are mute.

2. What enemy did Lestat slay when he was mortal?
(a) The Three Musketeers.
(b) Maurading bears.
(c) Highway robbers.
(d) Wolves.

3. What does Marahet say about Akasha?
(a) "She has a vicious temper, but she loves us all as her children."
(b) "My loyalty is to the Queen and the rest of you are damned."
(c) "She is the Queen of the Damned and the Damned can't live without her."
(d) "We are damned if we do kill her and damned if we don't."

4. What has Lestat become, as he and Akasha leave Greece?
(a) The embodiment of evil in the eyes of mortals.
(b) The last, best hope of mankind.
(c) A man-child, powerless around women.
(d) A wealthy potentate, dressed in silks and fine leather.

5. Where does Akasha take Lestat after she kidnaps him from the concert.?
(a) The Sonoma compound.
(b) The old theater district in Paris.
(c) His father's ruined castle.
(d) The pyramids in Egypt.

Short Answer Questions

1. What skill does Lestat gain when he is with Akasha?

2. What does Maharet reveal to the gathering?

3. What is Marius' condition when Pandora rescues him from the ice?

4. What finally breaks Khayman's spirit?

5. Why does Khayman want the twins to become vampires?

Short Essay Questions

1. Akasha commands Lestat to kill in her name, starting with male acolytes at Azim's temple. What is his reaction to the order?

2. What is Marius' reaction to the gathering of vampires which he has joined?

3. Describe Lestat's feelings as he watches Akasha's plan unfolding.

4. Lestat is very reluctant to cooperate with Akasha's plan and tries to talk her out of it. What is it about him that attracts her, even though she can't control him?

5. What does Maharet say about Akasha's dream?

6. Was Akasha unconscious and unaware during her years of dormancy?

7. Maharet has searched for her twin for 6,000 years. What clues or proof has she had over that time that Mekare is alive?

8. Khayman is the longtime servant of the King and Queen. He also has a soft spot for the twins. To whom is he the most loyal during the early period of the vampires?

9. Akasha wants 99 percent of male humans killed, reasoning that a world ruled by women will be more peaceful than the world under the rule of men. What is the irony of that plan?

10. Marius suggests that Akasha postpone her plans until she can see that humans are evolving toward peace on their own. What is Akasha's response?

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