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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What secret does Khayman keep from the King and Queen after the twins return home?
(a) That a band of spirits would help him flee Egypt.
(b) The evil spirit Amel was tormenting him, disrupting his home and stealing things.
(c) That Mahareta had born his child.
(d) He knew the location of a tomb holding vast golden treasures.

2. How does the group of Greek women treat Lestat when he awakens?
(a) They treat him like trash, berating him for the death of their brothers.
(b) They treat him like a rock star, clamoring for his autograph and attention.
(c) They treat him like a god, bathing, anointing, and dressing him.
(d) They act as though he hired them for entertainment.

3. What is Lestat imbibing when he is with Akasha that gives him power and pleasure?
(a) Baby Jenks' dreams.
(b) Stolen morphine.
(c) Akasha's blood.
(d) Armand's tears.

4. What is Marius' condition when Pandora rescues him from the ice?
(a) His physical injuries are healing, but he is sad and exhausted.
(b) He is unconscious and not expected to survive.
(c) He has many broken bones, but his spirit is exuberant.
(d) He is a good as new, well-groomed, and eager for battle.

5. What does Marius wish he had done when he had the chance?
(a) Danced and made merry, without the worry of keeping the Queen and King.
(b) Destroyed the Queen and King and,with them, all vampires.
(c) Written down his experiences and made them into a blockbuster movie.
(d) Disappeared into the centuries to lead a life of debauchery.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the people of Mount Carmel eat their dead?

2. How do Akasha and Lestat get to their first destination?

3. How does Enkil come to rule his kingdom?

4. What does Marahet say about Akasha?

5. What effect does Maharet's red hair have on Marius' mood?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Marius' reaction to the gathering of vampires which he has joined?

2. Maharet has searched for her twin for 6,000 years. What clues or proof has she had over that time that Mekare is alive?

3. Marius suggests that Akasha postpone her plans until she can see that humans are evolving toward peace on their own. What is Akasha's response?

4. What weapon with sentimental meaning does Akasha show Lestat in his father's castle?

5. Why is Akasha so intent on questioning the twins and, through them, the spirits? What does she hopes to gain?

6. Enkil and Akasha are frightened and ashamed of what they have become, even though they have no name for it. What has come over them and how do they act?

7. Akasha tells Lestat why she loves him. What does she say?

8. Does Lestat believe in Akasha's quest? Why or why not?

9. Describe Lestat's feelings as he watches Akasha's plan unfolding.

10. Was Akasha unconscious and unaware during her years of dormancy?

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