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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the first vampire at the meeting to raise objections to Akasha's plan?
(a) Gabrielle.
(b) Pandora.
(c) Marius.
(d) Santino.

2. What was Lestat's childhood ambition?
(a) To rule the countryside from his father's castle.
(b) To become a vampire.
(c) To become the most famous wolf-slayer in France.
(d) To become a priest and do good.

3. At the meeting of Akasha and the others, where does Lestat sit?
(a) To the left of Maharat.
(b) At Akasha's right hand.
(c) In Armand's lap.
(d) At Akasha's feet.

4. What sort of creatures are Mekare, Maharet, and their mother?
(a) Evil spirits.
(b) Disco queens.
(c) Witches.
(d) Blood drinkers.

5. Why does Khayman want the twins to become vampires?
(a) One is a lonely number, three is a party.
(b) Misery loves company.
(c) He needs help fighting Akasha and Enkil.
(d) He, too, is an evil spirit and wants to debauch others.

Short Answer Questions

1. What skill does Lestat gain when he is with Akasha?

2. Which god does Akasha represent to her subjects?

3. Who or what mortally wounded Akasha and Enkil when they were humans?

4. What are Lestat's thoughts as he falls deeper and deeper into Akasha's spell?

5. Which of the twins usually did the talking in the early days?

Short Essay Questions

1. What, to Maharet, is more important than her life, even more important than finding her twin?

2. Who was keeping Akasha still on the throne and what does she do to that person?

3. Describe Lestat's feelings as he watches Akasha's plan unfolding.

4. Was Akasha unconscious and unaware during her years of dormancy?

5. What does Maharet say about Akasha's dream?

6. What is Marius' reaction to the gathering of vampires which he has joined?

7. When the twins fail to restore them, the King and Queen first vow to kill them but settle for plucking out Maharet's eyes and cutting out Mekare's tongue. What happens to the eyes and the tongue, and then what happens to the twins?

8. How does Lestat feel about the events that led to him becoming a vampire?

9. Lestat is very reluctant to cooperate with Akasha's plan and tries to talk her out of it. What is it about him that attracts her, even though she can't control him?

10. Khayman is the longtime servant of the King and Queen. He also has a soft spot for the twins. To whom is he the most loyal during the early period of the vampires?

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