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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Baby Jenks see, looking down as she dies?
(a) St. Peter, casting a deadly net around the world.
(b) A white figure resembling a statue of the Virgin Mary.
(c) A glistening spider, spinning a silver thread.
(d) Satan, with a sword of fire.

2. What happens to the flesh of vampires as they age?
(a) It turns into a white, marble-like substance.
(b) It depends on how much they exercise.
(c) It decays into a waxy, soap-like substance.
(d) It mummifies.

3. Why does Khayman decide to go to the live concert in San Francisco?
(a) Because he thinks it will be his generation's Woodstock.
(b) Because he has always wanted to ride the cable cars.
(c) Because he hears Lestat's music.
(d) Because he has no friends and nowhere else to go.

4. What is an acolyte?
(a) An acolyte is a follower of a leader or belief system.
(b) An acolyte is a small candle burned in dark passages.
(c) An acolyte is a spirit that feeds off vampires.
(d) An acolyte is a form of blood serum vampires can drink when there are no fresh humans available.

5. Identify one of Armand's major fears.
(a) He'll be caught robbing a blood bank.
(b) Daniel's mother will move to Miami.
(c) A Category 5 hurricane will destroy Night Island.
(d) He will be alone through eternity.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Daniel doing when he meets Armand?

2. How long have Akasha and Enkil been dormant?

3. What is the clue that the archeologist scrawls on a piece of paper as he dies?

4. Does Jesse recognize right away that Maharet and Mael are vampires?

5. Who is the original vampire?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are Khayman and Akasha related in terms of age and power? What do these factors mean in terms of their modern-day relationship?

2. What does Maharet say about Akasha's dream?

3. In Chapter 4, The Story of Daniel, what point does the author make about how many vampires decide to take a particular action that doesn't seem to make sense?

4. Lestat is very reluctant to cooperate with Akasha's plan and tries to talk her out of it. What is it about him that attracts her, even though she can't control him?

5. Why do some of the vampires view their telepathic gift--the ability to read the minds of mortals and other vampires--as something of a curse?

6. What is Jesse's first reaction when David Talbot asked her to investigate the veracity of <i>Interview with the Vampire</i>?

7. What additional information is added by the discovery of the second set of cave paintings?

8. What does Jesse notice about Maharet and Mael that at first leads her to think of them as "different" and eventually to realize that they are vampires?

9. When the twins fail to restore them, the King and Queen first vow to kill them but settle for plucking out Maharet's eyes and cutting out Mekare's tongue. What happens to the eyes and the tongue, and then what happens to the twins?

10. When Khayman, before the concert, gets up to move closer to another vampire, the narrator says: "He would be near to one of these two...That's what he had wanted in Athens...To be near another like himself. To speak, to touch...something." What theme does this passage illustrate?

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