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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of Lestat's songs does Baby Jenks like best?
(a) Dracula's Daughter.
(b) Of Those Who Must Be Kept.
(c) The Grand Sabbat.
(d) My Beautiful Marquise

2. What is a legend?
(a) A fairy tale that doesn't end "happily ever after."
(b) An ancient story with historic roots that takes on symbolic or moral meaning.
(c) An old adverstising slogan for mink coats: "What becomes a legend most?"
(d) A handsome man with a history of dangerous adventures all over the world.

3. One of the cave paintings depicted the twins handing over a treasure. Where was this cave located?
(a) Palestine.
(b) Berlin.
(c) Sumaria.
(d) Peru.

4. What does Lestat hope will happen at the concert?
(a) That other vampires will follow his lead and reveal themselves to humans.
(b) That mortals will recognize him as evil and want to destroy him.
(c) That his album will go platinum and he will buy Neverland Ranch.
(d) That his mother will meet a suitable vampire of her own age and get her own apartment.

5. What do Armand and Daniel do after becoming a couple?
(a) Move to New York and go broke when the stock market crashes.
(b) Settle in Paris and open an exclusive cooking school.
(c) Take a world cruise, on which Armand drinks the blood of rich women and Daniel takes their money.
(d) Get rich and buy a private island offshore from Miami.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the message Lestat telepathically passes to Jesse when he kisses her during the concert?

2. What is worrying Azim when Pandora arrives to question him about Marius?

3. What is Maharet's family role?

4. Why does Maharet decide, despite her earlier reluctance, to make Jesse into one of the undead?

5. What emotion does Lestat look forward to feeling during his concert?

Short Essay Questions

1. What additional information is added by the discovery of the second set of cave paintings?

2. Why does Baby Jenks dislike her mother?

3. What was one of the most fascinating aspects of Maharet's house for Jesse?

4. Mael is at Lestat's concert. What is he doing there and who sent him? Who volunteers to be his ally?

5. How did Baby Jenks become a vampire?

6. How does Akasha mock Marius when she awakens?

7. What, if any, clues are there in Part 1, Chapter 1, The Legend of the Twins that links the Legend of the Twins to the world of the vampires?

8. What does the first paragraph in Part 1, Chapter 3, The Goddess Pandora tell you about Pandora? Does it give you a feeling of Pandora's attitude as well as her appearance?

9. What happens in Lestat's music video, which Marius sees in a television store window?

10. Does Pandora enjoy drinking the blood of Azim's followers?

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