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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the red-haired twins eating in Daniel's visionary dream about them?
(a) Their grandmother.
(b) The leg of a lioness.
(c) A vegetarian feast of grilled vegetables and polenta.
(d) Their mother's heart and brain.

2. What is the Great Family?
(a) The Great Family consists of all the human descendants of the First Brood.
(b) The Great Family consists of the original five vampires.
(c) The Great Family is a reality television show of the 1960s.
(d) The Great Family is the ideal human family.

3. Why does Khayman decide to go to the live concert in San Francisco?
(a) Because he has no friends and nowhere else to go.
(b) Because he has always wanted to ride the cable cars.
(c) Because he hears Lestat's music.
(d) Because he thinks it will be his generation's Woodstock.

4. What happens to Daniel after he sips some of Armand's blood?
(a) Daniel throws up.
(b) Daniel becomes a follower of Armand.
(c) Armand is treated for anemia.
(d) Daniel becomes a vampire.

5. What does Khayman do as he sees the Queen streak in from the forest, grab Lestat, and fly away with him in her arms?
(a) He cries out in disbelief, but couldn't do much more because the sun was coming up and he has to get to sleep.
(b) He closes his eyes and sends Lestat a message, warning him to be careful of the dangers ahead.
(c) He summons the rest of the First Brood and arranges a memorial service.
(d) He shrugs and thinks that the blond-haired prince is getting just what he deserves.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Baby Jenks see, looking down as she dies?

2. Who made Pandora?

3. What effect does drinking the blood of Marius have on Pandora?

4. What happens to the flesh of vampires as they age?

5. What is Talamasca?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are Khayman and Akasha related in terms of age and power? What do these factors mean in terms of their modern-day relationship?

2. How does Akasha mock Marius when she awakens?

3. What is Jesse's first reaction when David Talbot asked her to investigate the veracity of Interview with the Vampire?

4. Mael is at Lestat's concert. What is he doing there and who sent him? Who volunteers to be his ally?

5. The prologue gives Lestat the opportunity to talk about himself and therefore to establish his character. What does the reader learn about Lestat?

6. Why is Pandora so worried about Marius?

7. During the concert, Jesse throws herself against Lestat and wraps her arms around him. Why does she feel the need to touch him, and what does she learn from the experience?

8. How does Khayman feel when he wakes up (besides hungry)? How does this feeling tie in with one of the themes of the book?

9. What is the point of view of the prologue. Does the reader know if this will continue throughout the book?

10. What seems to be happening in the first cave paintings of the twins?

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