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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lestat's reaction when he realizes something or someone is preventing him from the attacking crowd?
(a) He is grateful; he hadn't realized he had stirred up so much hate.
(b) He is miserable because he never intended to cause so much trouble.
(c) He is in a rage because he has been robbed of his hoped-for battle.
(d) He doesn't really care; he is used to being taken care of.

2. Whose idea is it to have the twins raped, and why?
(a) Akasha's, so her subjects would see the twins were mere mortals.
(b) Akasha's, because she is jealous of their long, glorious curls.
(c) Akasha's, because she is afraid they were gathering an army.
(d) Akasha's, so that she could make a stew of their innards.

3. What causes Akasha to wake up?
(a) A sudden electrical malfunction.
(b) Lestat's music.
(c) Enkil's snoring.
(d) A very strong earthquake.

4. What color is Jesse's hair?
(a) Grey.
(b) Blonde.
(c) Mousey.
(d) Red.

5. How does Azim feel about Marius?
(a) Respectful, because Marius is the keeper of Akasha and Enkil.
(b) Jealous, because Marius owns a really fabulous property in San Francisco.
(c) Disgusted, because Marius is very picky about which blood types he will imbibe.
(d) Resentful, because Marius "stole" the Mother and the Father.

Short Answer Questions

1. Identify one of Armand's major fears.

2. Does Khayman wish or ask to be made a blood drinker?

3. What happens to Daniel after he sips some of Armand's blood?

4. What does Pandora remember most vividly about feeding on a human's blood?

5. What is an acolyte?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are Khayman and Akasha related in terms of age and power? What do these factors mean in terms of their modern-day relationship?

2. What is one of the primary purposes of the Prologue of The Queen of the Damned? Why is that important?

3. How does Marius feel about Akasha and Enkil?

4. What is Armand's dilemma in deciding whether to make Daniel a vampire?

5. How does Akasha mock Marius when she awakens?

6. Is there any reason or purpose to the fact that Khayman has regained consciousness at the same time as Akasha? What is it? Is there a literary term that could be applied to Khayman's questioning?

7. The prologue gives Lestat the opportunity to talk about himself and therefore to establish his character. What does the reader learn about Lestat?

8. Why doesn't Pandora like to fly, even though she can?

9. Why is Pandora so worried about Marius?

10. How did Baby Jenks become a vampire?

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