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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Daniel after he sips some of Armand's blood?
(a) Daniel becomes a vampire.
(b) Daniel throws up.
(c) Daniel becomes a follower of Armand.
(d) Armand is treated for anemia.

2. How does Marius communicate as he falls into a crevasse?
(a) With a blood-curdling scream that reaches distant vampires.
(b) By meditating himself into an out-of-body experience.
(c) Telepathically, with a mental plea for help.
(d) On an iPhone, calling 911.

3. How does Azim feel about his life as a vampire?
(a) He longs every day to be human and mortal.
(b) He is disgusted at himself.
(c) He is indifferent, but resigned to fulfilling his need for blood.
(d) He revels in it and participates completely.

4. Whose idea is it to have the twins raped, and why?
(a) Akasha's, so her subjects would see the twins were mere mortals.
(b) Akasha's, because she is afraid they were gathering an army.
(c) Akasha's, so that she could make a stew of their innards.
(d) Akasha's, because she is jealous of their long, glorious curls.

5. Who surprises Khayman by showing up at the concert?
(a) David Talbot and another member of the Talamasca; they are looking for Jesse.
(b) Danielle Steele, because she lives nearby.
(c) Baby Jenks and the survivor of the St. Louis coven house.
(d) Maharet and Miriam, the ghost of Jesse's mortal mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the red-haired woman in Khayman's dream eat?

2. What surrounds Baby Jenks as she dies?

3. In what period of time does the "Queen of the Damned" take place?

4. What happened to Jesse's parents?

5. What does Pandora remember most vividly about feeding on a human's blood?

Short Essay Questions

1. The prologue gives Lestat the opportunity to talk about himself and therefore to establish his character. What does the reader learn about Lestat?

2. What is the point of view of the prologue. Does the reader know if this will continue throughout the book?

3. What, if any, clues are there in Part 1, Chapter 1, The Legend of the Twins that links the Legend of the Twins to the world of the vampires?

4. How does Khayman feel when he wakes up (besides hungry)? How does this feeling tie in with one of the themes of the book?

5. What seems to be happening in the first cave paintings of the twins?

6. How does Marius feel about Akasha and Enkil?

7. What is Jesse's first reaction when David Talbot asked her to investigate the veracity of Interview with the Vampire?

8. What happens to Daniel after ten years, when Armand doesn't make him a vampire?

9. Does Pandora enjoy drinking the blood of Azim's followers?

10. What does Jesse notice about Maharet and Mael that at first leads her to think of them as "different" and eventually to realize that they are vampires?

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