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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What argument is made regarding mortals in hopes of stalling Akasha's plan?
(a) The human soul and race are evolving on their own toward a peaceful world.
(b) She's been asleep so long, she's lost touch with reality.
(c) The vampires should take time and develop less violent means of killing the men.
(d) Given enough time, human males will eradicate themselves through violence.

2. Gabrielle wants to destroy Akasha for taking her son, Lestat. What does she ask Maharet about that plan?
(a) "If I destroy this monster who's taken my son, do we all die?"
(b) "If I drive a stake through her heart, will Lestat survive?"
(c) "What is the most efficient way to waste her, if I get the chance?"
(d) "Will the rest of us lose our powers if Akasha dies?"

3. What does Marius notices that every surviving vampire has in common?
(a) They all smell the same.
(b) Though "monsters," each is beautiful in his or her own way.
(c) Each is more than six feet tall.
(d) Every one of them is unattractive, with lanky hair and blank eyes.

4. What is Akasha's response when Lestat demands they go to his friends?
(a) She kisses him passionately.
(b) She calls for the bellman.
(c) She laughs hysterically.
(d) She slaps him.

5. What does Lestat do at Akasha's command and under the influence of her blood?
(a) He bars the front gates and traps the women, so they could be killed.
(b) He dismembers the blood king and eats his heart and brain.
(c) He causes the mountain to erupt as a volcano, killing all inhabitants.
(d) He slaughters dozens of men mindlessly, taking pleasure in their deathsl

6. What is the reaction of Akasha and Enkil to their transformation?
(a) Pleasure.
(b) Lust.
(c) Shame.
(d) Indifference.

7. How does the group of Greek women treat Lestat when he awakens?
(a) They act as though he hired them for entertainment.
(b) They treat him like a god, bathing, anointing, and dressing him.
(c) They treat him like a rock star, clamoring for his autograph and attention.
(d) They treat him like trash, berating him for the death of their brothers.

8. What skill does Lestat gain when he is with Akasha?
(a) The ability to summon demons.
(b) The ability to fly.
(c) The power to create massive storms.
(d) The power to throw lightning bolts.

9. What are Lestat's thoughts as he falls deeper and deeper into Akasha's spell?
(a) He knows Marius will persuade Akasha to share power with the others.
(b) He believes he can control Akasha with a little of his old charm.
(c) He is growing more excited about the plan and the prospect of being Akasha's consort.
(d) He wishes she would drop the plan and let him take her to Paris.

10. What secret does Khayman keep from the King and Queen after the twins return home?
(a) That a band of spirits would help him flee Egypt.
(b) He knew the location of a tomb holding vast golden treasures.
(c) That Mahareta had born his child.
(d) The evil spirit Amel was tormenting him, disrupting his home and stealing things.

11. What is Akasha's only weakness?
(a) Her inability to admit she is wrong.
(b) Chronic anemia.
(c) Her passion for the finest treasures of all time.
(d) She needs Lestat because she is afraid of being alone.

12. What does Akasha say about her temperament?
(a) She knows she is strong, powerful and bold.
(b) She might have a temper but, deep down, her heart is soft.
(c) She has always been a ruler and doesn't intend to give it up now.
(d) She has matured and calmed down during the years of dormancy.

13. What does Marius wish he had done when he had the chance?
(a) Written down his experiences and made them into a blockbuster movie.
(b) Danced and made merry, without the worry of keeping the Queen and King.
(c) Disappeared into the centuries to lead a life of debauchery.
(d) Destroyed the Queen and King and,with them, all vampires.

14. Why doesn't Akasha accept Lestat's suggestion that she just dazzle men into obedience rather than kill them?
(a) She doesn't believe the men would ever obey her; they would die first.
(b) She doesn't want Lestat to think she gives any weight to his opinions.
(c) She is writing a feminist manifesto; the death of men is essential to the plot.
(d) She won't be able to control women, if the men are still around.

15. How do Akasha and Lestat get to their first destination?
(a) They project themselves there, using telepathy.
(b) Being exercise enthusiasts, they hike and bike as much as possible.
(c) They fly; Akasha has Lestat carry her.
(d) They charter a Lear jet; Akasha has her pilot's license.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Akasha take Lestat after she kidnaps him from the concert.?

2. Where do Lestat and Akasha go after putting their plan into effect in Greece?

3. What does Marahet say about Akasha?

4. What has Jesse seen that startles Marius?

5. Where do Akasha and Lestat go first so she could begin her killing spree?

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