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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the group of Greek women treat Lestat when he awakens?
(a) They treat him like trash, berating him for the death of their brothers.
(b) They treat him like a rock star, clamoring for his autograph and attention.
(c) They treat him like a god, bathing, anointing, and dressing him.
(d) They act as though he hired them for entertainment.

2. Lestat describes being "blanketed in succulent human flesh." How does he respond?
(a) He sends the women away without feeding on them.
(b) He murders them and flees the room.
(c) He takes them all to the Plaka and buys a round of drinks.
(d) He succumbs to the pleasures of their necks.

3. What does Akasha believe will be the result of her reign?
(a) She marries Lestat in a grand ceremony.
(b) Women rule all the world's countries,
(c) Purging fires destroy all the world's evil.
(d) Peace on Earth.

4. What does Marius notices that every surviving vampire has in common?
(a) Every one of them is unattractive, with lanky hair and blank eyes.
(b) Though "monsters," each is beautiful in his or her own way.
(c) Each is more than six feet tall.
(d) They all smell the same.

5. What are Lestat's thoughts as he falls deeper and deeper into Akasha's spell?
(a) He knows Marius will persuade Akasha to share power with the others.
(b) He wishes she would drop the plan and let him take her to Paris.
(c) He is growing more excited about the plan and the prospect of being Akasha's consort.
(d) He believes he can control Akasha with a little of his old charm.

6. What does Akasha say about her temperament?
(a) She has matured and calmed down during the years of dormancy.
(b) She knows she is strong, powerful and bold.
(c) She might have a temper but, deep down, her heart is soft.
(d) She has always been a ruler and doesn't intend to give it up now.

7. How does Akasha pass time while she sits on the golden throne?
(a) She creates complicated crossword puzzles in her mind.
(b) She imagines a world without vampires.
(c) She would inhabit the body of someone who walked the earth.
(d) She practices speaking foreign languages.

8. What is Akasha's only weakness?
(a) Her passion for the finest treasures of all time.
(b) She needs Lestat because she is afraid of being alone.
(c) Her inability to admit she is wrong.
(d) Chronic anemia.

9. What has Lestat become, as he and Akasha leave Greece?
(a) The embodiment of evil in the eyes of mortals.
(b) The last, best hope of mankind.
(c) A wealthy potentate, dressed in silks and fine leather.
(d) A man-child, powerless around women.

10. What does the spirit Amel give to Akasha?
(a) A necklace she has lost as a child.
(b) A gold bracelet that belonged to her mother.
(c) A blouse woven from the fine hair of infants.
(d) A cape which would make her invisible.

11. What has Maharet been doing during the vampire catastrophes?
(a) She has been preparing the compound for guests, knowing they would arrive soon.
(b) She has been hiding in her tomb to escape destruction.
(c) She has been searching for her sister, Mekare.
(d) She has been consumed with protecting Jesse.

12. What is Marius' condition when Pandora rescues him from the ice?
(a) He is a good as new, well-groomed, and eager for battle.
(b) He is unconscious and not expected to survive.
(c) He has many broken bones, but his spirit is exuberant.
(d) His physical injuries are healing, but he is sad and exhausted.

13. What does Akasha want Lestat to do for her?
(a) She wants him to renounce his immortality.
(b) She wants him to create grand feasts for her.
(c) She wants him to bring her victims with a certain blood type.
(d) She wants him to kill mortals for her.

14. Which god does Akasha represent to her subjects?
(a) Mercury.
(b) Louis XIII.
(c) Ra.
(d) Osiris.

15. What does Akasha shout as her first victim burns?
(a) "I warned you I would return with a vengence!"
(b) "You'll never savor the warm taste of blood again, you monster!"
(c) "Die, damnable one! Go into the pit of perdition!"
(d) "You fool! I was born before you and I'll live long after you've perished."

Short Answer Questions

1. The idea that Mekare is alive and sending the dreams causes what emotions among the older vampires?

2. At the meeting of Akasha and the others, where does Lestat sit?

3. Gabrielle wants to destroy Akasha for taking her son, Lestat. What does she ask Maharet about that plan?

4. What sort of creatures are Mekare, Maharet, and their mother?

5. How can the King and Queen reduce their extreme thirst for blood?

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