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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who or what mortally wounded Akasha and Enkil when they were humans?
(a) An evil spirit, acting on behest of the red-haired twins.
(b) A falling marble pillar, rocked from its foundation in an earthquake.
(c) Noblemen, who wanted to be rid of the king and queen so they could return to their old traditions.
(d) Khayman, out of guilt for what they made him do to the twins.

2. What does Akasha say about her temperament?
(a) She might have a temper but, deep down, her heart is soft.
(b) She has matured and calmed down during the years of dormancy.
(c) She knows she is strong, powerful and bold.
(d) She has always been a ruler and doesn't intend to give it up now.

3. What are Lestat's thoughts as he falls deeper and deeper into Akasha's spell?
(a) He wishes she would drop the plan and let him take her to Paris.
(b) He knows Marius will persuade Akasha to share power with the others.
(c) He believes he can control Akasha with a little of his old charm.
(d) He is growing more excited about the plan and the prospect of being Akasha's consort.

4. What is Lestat's reaction to the vision of Baby Jenks dying?
(a) He curses.
(b) He cries.
(c) He laughs.
(d) He frowns.

5. What is the reaction of the other vampires as Akasha is destroyed?
(a) They, too, begin to die.
(b) They race from the room.
(c) They ask for a bite of her brain and her heart.
(d) They realize they will miss her, and begin to weep.

6. What finally breaks Khayman's spirit?
(a) A big dead fish, wrapped in newspapers.
(b) A severed horse head under his sheets.
(c) A brown bag on his doorstep, filled with excrement.
(d) The rotting corpse of his father, dancing at the front door.

7. How does Akasha pass time while she sits on the golden throne?
(a) She creates complicated crossword puzzles in her mind.
(b) She would inhabit the body of someone who walked the earth.
(c) She imagines a world without vampires.
(d) She practices speaking foreign languages.

8. What does Akasha believe will be the result of her reign?
(a) Purging fires destroy all the world's evil.
(b) Women rule all the world's countries,
(c) She marries Lestat in a grand ceremony.
(d) Peace on Earth.

9. What does Lestat do inadvertently to his watch and purposefully to a mirror?
(a) Gives them to a beggar below the balcony of his room.
(b) Smashes them with his boot.
(c) Makes them burst into flames with the power of his mind.
(d) Breaks them with the power of his mind.

10. What effect does Maharet's red hair have on Marius' mood?
(a) It makes him think of his mother.
(b) He has the urge to wrap it around him like a cloak.
(c) He is entranced by it momentarily and feels joyful again.
(d) He is disgusted and thinks she should update the style.

11. What is Armand dreaming when Akasha lets Lestat see him?
(a) A red-haired woman walking in the jungle.
(b) A lioness stalking wild deer along the Amazon.
(c) A falcon hunting on the plains.
(d) A polar bear tracking salmon.

12. How do Mekare and Maharet rescue the king and queen?
(a) They don't; it is beyond their power.
(b) The twins bathe the royal couple in holy water and chant over them.
(c) They burn incense; the smoke drives Amel out of the palace.
(d) They refuse to even try, out of vengence for their previous treatment.

13. How does the group of Greek women treat Lestat when he awakens?
(a) They treat him like trash, berating him for the death of their brothers.
(b) They treat him like a rock star, clamoring for his autograph and attention.
(c) They act as though he hired them for entertainment.
(d) They treat him like a god, bathing, anointing, and dressing him.

14. What is Marius' condition when Pandora rescues him from the ice?
(a) He is unconscious and not expected to survive.
(b) His physical injuries are healing, but he is sad and exhausted.
(c) He has many broken bones, but his spirit is exuberant.
(d) He is a good as new, well-groomed, and eager for battle.

15. Where had Lestat been happiest?
(a) As a singer in Paris.
(b) As a rock star in San Francisco.
(c) As a vampire drinking his mother's blood.
(d) As a child, in the monastery.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the disagreement between Lestat and Akasha?

2. What secret does Khayman keep from the King and Queen after the twins return home?

3. Gabrielle wants to destroy Akasha for taking her son, Lestat. What does she ask Maharet about that plan?

4. What enemy did Lestat slay when he was mortal?

5. What does Marahet say about Akasha?

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