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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Lestat become, as he and Akasha leave Greece?
(a) The embodiment of evil in the eyes of mortals.
(b) A wealthy potentate, dressed in silks and fine leather.
(c) A man-child, powerless around women.
(d) The last, best hope of mankind.

2. At the meeting of Akasha and the others, where does Lestat sit?
(a) At Akasha's feet.
(b) At Akasha's right hand.
(c) In Armand's lap.
(d) To the left of Maharat.

3. How does Lestat feel about killing for Akasha?
(a) Ready, willing, and able.
(b) Hesitant, but willing.
(c) Uneasy and reluctant.
(d) Nervous and excited.

4. What does Akasha shout as her first victim burns?
(a) "Die, damnable one! Go into the pit of perdition!"
(b) "I warned you I would return with a vengence!"
(c) "You'll never savor the warm taste of blood again, you monster!"
(d) "You fool! I was born before you and I'll live long after you've perished."

5. What does Lestat do inadvertently to his watch and purposefully to a mirror?
(a) Makes them burst into flames with the power of his mind.
(b) Breaks them with the power of his mind.
(c) Gives them to a beggar below the balcony of his room.
(d) Smashes them with his boot.

6. What is the threat made against Akasha by one of the twins?
(a) Vast Egyptian armies will surround Akasha with fire, so she will die slowly.
(b) She will strike Akasha down, even if it means rising from the dead.
(c) A man named Dracula will drive a stake through Akasha's heart, killing her.
(d) Akasha's heart will be set afire and eaten, creating a dessert called baked Akasha.

7. What was Lestat's childhood ambition?
(a) To become the most famous wolf-slayer in France.
(b) To rule the countryside from his father's castle.
(c) To become a priest and do good.
(d) To become a vampire.

8. What does Akasha say about her temperament?
(a) She has always been a ruler and doesn't intend to give it up now.
(b) She has matured and calmed down during the years of dormancy.
(c) She might have a temper but, deep down, her heart is soft.
(d) She knows she is strong, powerful and bold.

9. How does Enkil come to rule his kingdom?
(a) He is chosen by lottery, as is the custom of his people.
(b) His mother dies and there are no female realtives to ascend to the throne.
(c) The people of the Nile Valley anoint him king while he is still a child.
(d) Like Oedipus, he slays his father and marries his mother.

10. What is the disagreement between Lestat and Akasha?
(a) Lestat wants Chinese for dinner; Akasha insists on Greek.
(b) Lestat is all for killing as many men as possible; Akasha protests that only a few should be killed.
(c) Lestat is against killing the men; Akasha insists it will eventually bring world peace.
(d) Akasha wants to make all women into vampires; Lestat prefers that men only be made.

11. What argument is made regarding mortals in hopes of stalling Akasha's plan?
(a) The vampires should take time and develop less violent means of killing the men.
(b) Given enough time, human males will eradicate themselves through violence.
(c) She's been asleep so long, she's lost touch with reality.
(d) The human soul and race are evolving on their own toward a peaceful world.

12. What is the only solution the twins can offer Akasha and Enkil to end their torment?
(a) Entice the spirit out with the sacrifice of 49 tender children.
(b) Commit suicide and deprive the evil spirit of their bodies.
(c) Seek the advice of a shaman to be found in the jungles of Peru.
(d) Walk seven times around a fire, while the witches chant and spirits pray.

13. What is the "blood god" wearing when Akasha and Lestat arrive?
(a) A black silk turban and jeweled robes.
(b) A Juicy Couture velour sweat suit.
(c) A caftan of spun gold.
(d) A suit woven of the softest cashmere.

14. What does the spirit Amel give to Akasha?
(a) A necklace she has lost as a child.
(b) A blouse woven from the fine hair of infants.
(c) A gold bracelet that belonged to her mother.
(d) A cape which would make her invisible.

15. What sort of creatures are Mekare, Maharet, and their mother?
(a) Witches.
(b) Evil spirits.
(c) Blood drinkers.
(d) Disco queens.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Lestat's thoughts as he falls deeper and deeper into Akasha's spell?

2. Why is Marius so anxious to see Armando?

3. Which god does Akasha represent to her subjects?

4. What is Akasha's only weakness?

5. Who is the first vampire at the meeting to raise objections to Akasha's plan?

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