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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Jesse's parents?
(a) They died in a car crash.
(b) They abandoned her at a hospital.
(c) They time-traveled to another universe.
(d) They were killed by vampires.

2. What is Lestat's reaction when he realizes something or someone is preventing him from the attacking crowd?
(a) He is grateful; he hadn't realized he had stirred up so much hate.
(b) He is miserable because he never intended to cause so much trouble.
(c) He doesn't really care; he is used to being taken care of.
(d) He is in a rage because he has been robbed of his hoped-for battle.

3. What revelation does the archeologist have on his deathbed?
(a) He finally recognizes that his benefactress was in love with him and wished to marry.
(b) He believes that his dreams have finally revealed what happened to the twins.
(c) That his daughter is a vampire, the descendant of the twins.
(d) He realizes he wasted his life chasing an unimportant event.

4. What does Akasha say to Marius just before she pushes him?
(a) "You've been a bad servant and I hate you."
(b) "You never changed the channel when I asked."
(c) "You must forgive me. I'm going now."
(d) "You shouldn't have kept us in this icy vault."

5. What can always kill a vampire?
(a) Crosses and a stake through the heart.
(b) Fire and sun.
(c) Garlic and onions.
(d) Bleach and tabasco sauce.

6. Who is the original vampire?
(a) Baby Jenks
(b) Akasha
(c) Maharet
(d) Miriam

7. What is Marius' job?
(a) Assisting newly made vampires in adjusting to the transformation.
(b) Lobbying for research funds to cure anemia.
(c) Roadie in Lestat's band.
(d) Watching over Akasha and Enkil.

8. What does the Queen do just before getting to the concert hall?
(a) She has her nails and fangs "done" at a fancy spa.
(b) She feeds on a dozen homeless children to gain strength for what lay ahead.
(c) She warns city administrators telepathically that there is going to be a blood bath.
(d) She destroys the San Francisco coven, then chases down and immolates any survivors.

9. When Baby Jenks reveals to her mother that she was no longer a virgin, what does her mother do?
(a) She offers to teach Baby Jenks how to cook, so she would have a career.
(b) She looks away from Baby Jenks and goes back to work, humming.
(c) She becomes very upset and locks Baby Jenks in the trailer.
(d) She says, "Do you want some supper, honey?"

10. How does Khayman know about the red-haired twins?
(a) The twins put Khayman into a centuries-long sleep.
(b) He rapes them at Enkil's command.
(c) He tries to save them from drowning.
(d) The twins are Khayman's sisters.

11. What does Pandora remember most vividly about feeding on a human's blood?
(a) The way it makes her sleepy and peaceful for at least a week afterwards.
(b) The momentary union with another soul.
(c) The pounding of a heart as she squeezes it into her mouth.
(d) The slightly spicy taste of blood.

12. What is the Fang Gang's planned destination, once Baby Jenks rejoins them in Dallas?
(a) To Gun Barrel City to terrorize the locals.
(b) To Tijuana to escape the destruction of covens.
(c) To St. Louis for a party under the Arch.
(d) To California for Lestat's concert.

13. One of the cave paintings depicted the twins handing over a treasure. Where was this cave located?
(a) Berlin.
(b) Palestine.
(c) Peru.
(d) Sumaria.

14. What is Armand's real motivation for making Daniel a vampire?
(a) There is nothing else to eat in the house.
(b) Lestat tells Armand that if Armand won't do it, Lestat will.
(c) The massacres of vampires around the world.
(d) Armand's own fear of being alone and lonely throughout eternity.

15. Faced with the idea that he might be hunted down and killed, how or what does Lestat feel?
(a) Like he might faint.
(b) Somewhat excited.
(c) Deathly afraid.
(d) The need to go to church.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the archeologist discover?

2. Which of these skills are typical of vampires?

3. What surrounds Baby Jenks as she dies?

4. What does the archeologist tell his patron when she arrives in Rio?

5. What does Talamasca ask Jesse to investigate?

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