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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Does Khayman wish or ask to be made a blood drinker?
(a) Yes, he earns the right performing a certain number of tasks--the equivelent of a high-level frequent flyer's award.
(b) Yes, he begs the Queen to make him a blood drinker and promises to do all she asks.
(c) No, he is trapped in the forest and made by an evil spirit.
(d) No, the Queen takes him by surprise.

2. What does Jesse find in New Orleans?
(a) Lestat's house.
(b) Her great-grandmother's doll.
(c) The decoder for the special language spoken by the first vampires.
(d) A very good Cajun restaurant.

3. Why does Maharet decide, despite her earlier reluctance, to make Jesse into one of the undead?
(a) She makes her undead out of anger that Jesse has disobeyed her and gone to the concert.
(b) Because Jesse is so badly injured, she is going to die.
(c) She realizes she is going to need all the allies she could get in the coming crisis.
(d) She has taken some bad acid at the concert and isn't thinking straight.

4. Who summarizes the two previous books in the prologue?
(a) Lestat.
(b) The Queen of the Damned.
(c) Maharet.
(d) Akasha.

5. What is Armand's real motivation for making Daniel a vampire?
(a) The massacres of vampires around the world.
(b) There is nothing else to eat in the house.
(c) Armand's own fear of being alone and lonely throughout eternity.
(d) Lestat tells Armand that if Armand won't do it, Lestat will.

6. How does Azim feel about his life as a vampire?
(a) He is disgusted at himself.
(b) He revels in it and participates completely.
(c) He longs every day to be human and mortal.
(d) He is indifferent, but resigned to fulfilling his need for blood.

7. Why does Baby Jenks think her mother was a fool?
(a) Because her mother always liked her brother best.
(b) Because she made crucifixes out of seashells and sold them at flea markets.
(c) Because she never graduated from high school.
(d) Because she wore pink curlers in her hair and fuzzy slippers while grocery shopping.

8. What does Khayman do as he sees the Queen streak in from the forest, grab Lestat, and fly away with him in her arms?
(a) He summons the rest of the First Brood and arranges a memorial service.
(b) He cries out in disbelief, but couldn't do much more because the sun was coming up and he has to get to sleep.
(c) He shrugs and thinks that the blond-haired prince is getting just what he deserves.
(d) He closes his eyes and sends Lestat a message, warning him to be careful of the dangers ahead.

9. What is Daniel doing when he meets Armand?
(a) Pilfering markers from a New Orleans graveyard.
(b) Drinking Bloody Marys at Sunday brunch.
(c) Looking for Lestat.
(d) Impersonating a vampire.

10. What does Armand do after meeting Daniel?
(a) Advises him to get a better haircut.
(b) Kills him.
(c) Agrees that vampires should live a more public life.
(d) Kidnaps him.

11. What is the message Lestat telepathically passes to Jesse when he kisses her during the concert?
(a) That he is evil, as she has always known.
(b) That she could live forever, if she only says the word.
(c) That he is staying at the Four Seasons, Room 713.
(d) That all vampires are about to die.

12. What happened to Jesse's parents?
(a) They time-traveled to another universe.
(b) They were killed by vampires.
(c) They abandoned her at a hospital.
(d) They died in a car crash.

13. What happens to vampires as they age?
(a) They lose their taste for human blood.
(b) They become transparent.
(c) They wrinkle terribly around the eyes.
(d) They turn into white marble.

14. What kind of publication or broadcast is used to summarize information from the first two books for the reader?
(a) An article in the weekly magazine that only vampires can receive.
(b) A guest appearance on Letterman.
(c) A declaration against Lestat and his allies, posted at vampire gathering spots.
(d) A posting on Pandora's Facebook Wall.

15. What does Lestat hope will happen at the concert?
(a) That mortals will recognize him as evil and want to destroy him.
(b) That his album will go platinum and he will buy Neverland Ranch.
(c) That his mother will meet a suitable vampire of her own age and get her own apartment.
(d) That other vampires will follow his lead and reveal themselves to humans.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Lestat's character described?

2. What does Talamasca ask Jesse to investigate?

3. What does Maharet do when she discovers Mael "kissing" Jesse.

4. What happens to the flesh of vampires as they age?

5. Identify one of Armand's major fears.

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