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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When do other vampires plan to kill Lestat?
(a) Christmas Eve, at midnight services.
(b) The night of his Halloween concert.
(c) High noon.
(d) During final episode of "Dancing With the Stars."

2. What seems to have happened to the twins, according to the cave paintings?
(a) They were made Queens of the Amazon and revered as goddesses.
(b) They were taken prisoner by soldiers, then escaped.
(c) They were beaten by soldiers, then put on separate ships, never to see each other again.
(d) They were sacrificed on an altar and beheaded.

3. How does Daniel get involved in the vampire world?
(a) He drinks blood left in the office refrigerator, thinking it is V8.
(b) He interviewes the vampire Louis.
(c) He stumbles into the wrong San Francisco bar by mistake.
(d) He buys a house haunted by vampires in New Orleans.

4. What revelation does the archeologist have on his deathbed?
(a) He realizes he wasted his life chasing an unimportant event.
(b) He finally recognizes that his benefactress was in love with him and wished to marry.
(c) That his daughter is a vampire, the descendant of the twins.
(d) He believes that his dreams have finally revealed what happened to the twins.

5. What happens to vampires as they age?
(a) They become transparent.
(b) They wrinkle terribly around the eyes.
(c) They lose their taste for human blood.
(d) They turn into white marble.

6. What does Armand do after meeting Daniel?
(a) Kidnaps him.
(b) Kills him.
(c) Advises him to get a better haircut.
(d) Agrees that vampires should live a more public life.

7. How do Armand and Daniel meet?
(a) Armand was the college roommate of one of Daniel's friends.
(b) Lestat introduces them.
(c) Armand finds Daniel snooping around New Orleans, looking for vampires.
(d) Through an internet dating site called vHarmony.

8. What is Armand's real motivation for making Daniel a vampire?
(a) Armand's own fear of being alone and lonely throughout eternity.
(b) Lestat tells Armand that if Armand won't do it, Lestat will.
(c) There is nothing else to eat in the house.
(d) The massacres of vampires around the world.

9. What does Akasha do when she awakens?
(a) Kills her husband, by turning him to glass.
(b) Vows to establish unity between Lestat and his critics.
(c) Hacks into the city's computer system as a demonstration of power.
(d) Stretches, to get the kinks out after 6,000 years of not moving a muscle.

10. What was Lestat's ambition as a young man?
(a) To write music with Bach as his teacher.
(b) To attend medical school in Berlin.
(c) To study art at the Sorbonne.
(d) To become an actor in Paris.

11. What is the Fang Gang's planned destination, once Baby Jenks rejoins them in Dallas?
(a) To Gun Barrel City to terrorize the locals.
(b) To St. Louis for a party under the Arch.
(c) To Tijuana to escape the destruction of covens.
(d) To California for Lestat's concert.

12. How old are the cave paintings that tell the Legend of the Twins?
(a) At least 6,000 years.
(b) 12,000 years.
(c) They are fakes, created in 1966.
(d) No one knows for sure.

13. What happened to Jesse's parents?
(a) They abandoned her at a hospital.
(b) They time-traveled to another universe.
(c) They were killed by vampires.
(d) They died in a car crash.

14. As Jesse is dying, what vision does she see?
(a) She sees Miriam fighting with the vampire who attacked her.
(b) The image of a cackling old woman on a bicycle, pedaling madly with a tiny dog in the bike basket.
(c) That she is walking through a jungle, brushing aside vines to get to the bank of the river.
(d) She sees a small, marble-like woman floating in the clouds, laughing.

15. What is Jesse's odd trait while growing up?
(a) She is very nearsighted and lives with the belief the world is fog-shrouded.
(b) She is afraid of electronic devices, so shuns computers, cellphones, etc.
(c) She speaks in tongues.
(d) She sees ghosts, including her dead mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What surrounds Baby Jenks as she dies?

2. Who made Pandora?

3. What are the Himalayas?

4. What can always kill a vampire?

5. What does the Queen do just before getting to the concert hall?

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