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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What emotion does Lestat look forward to feeling during his concert?
(a) Sorrow for the destruction of the human race.
(b) Amusement at the horror the audience would feel, seeing him drink blood.
(c) The joy of making music and performing, of feeling human.
(d) Excitement at the prospect of a battle with other vampires.

2. What does Marius call Lestat?
(a) The Brat Prince.
(b) The Devil We Know.
(c) The Marble Prince.
(d) Prince Changeling.

3. One of the cave paintings depicted the twins handing over a treasure. Where was this cave located?
(a) Palestine.
(b) Peru.
(c) Sumaria.
(d) Berlin.

4. What does Akasha do when she awakens?
(a) Kills her husband, by turning him to glass.
(b) Vows to establish unity between Lestat and his critics.
(c) Hacks into the city's computer system as a demonstration of power.
(d) Stretches, to get the kinks out after 6,000 years of not moving a muscle.

5. What color is Jesse's hair?
(a) Mousey.
(b) Grey.
(c) Blonde.
(d) Red.

6. Who is the original vampire?
(a) Maharet
(b) Miriam
(c) Baby Jenks
(d) Akasha

7. What is the message Lestat telepathically passes to Jesse when he kisses her during the concert?
(a) That all vampires are about to die.
(b) That she could live forever, if she only says the word.
(c) That he is staying at the Four Seasons, Room 713.
(d) That he is evil, as she has always known.

8. What does the archeologist tell his patron when she arrives in Rio?
(a) That she would live forever, if she could find the twins' ruby.
(b) Nothing, he realizes she was a vampire with evil intent.
(c) That the twins are still alive, imprisoned in the jungle.
(d) Nothing, he has already died.

9. What are the red-haired twins eating in Daniel's visionary dream about them?
(a) A vegetarian feast of grilled vegetables and polenta.
(b) Their mother's heart and brain.
(c) Their grandmother.
(d) The leg of a lioness.

10. What is Armand's real motivation for making Daniel a vampire?
(a) Armand's own fear of being alone and lonely throughout eternity.
(b) There is nothing else to eat in the house.
(c) The massacres of vampires around the world.
(d) Lestat tells Armand that if Armand won't do it, Lestat will.

11. Faced with the idea that he might be hunted down and killed, how or what does Lestat feel?
(a) Somewhat excited.
(b) Deathly afraid.
(c) Like he might faint.
(d) The need to go to church.

12. As Jesse is dying, what vision does she see?
(a) The image of a cackling old woman on a bicycle, pedaling madly with a tiny dog in the bike basket.
(b) She sees Miriam fighting with the vampire who attacked her.
(c) That she is walking through a jungle, brushing aside vines to get to the bank of the river.
(d) She sees a small, marble-like woman floating in the clouds, laughing.

13. What happened to Jesse's parents?
(a) They time-traveled to another universe.
(b) They died in a car crash.
(c) They abandoned her at a hospital.
(d) They were killed by vampires.

14. What is the Fang Gang's planned destination, once Baby Jenks rejoins them in Dallas?
(a) To Gun Barrel City to terrorize the locals.
(b) To California for Lestat's concert.
(c) To Tijuana to escape the destruction of covens.
(d) To St. Louis for a party under the Arch.

15. What kind of publication or broadcast is used to summarize information from the first two books for the reader?
(a) An article in the weekly magazine that only vampires can receive.
(b) A posting on Pandora's Facebook Wall.
(c) A declaration against Lestat and his allies, posted at vampire gathering spots.
(d) A guest appearance on Letterman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Akasha and Khayman see one another?

2. How does Pandora know that Marius is in danger?

3. What does Jesse find in New Orleans?

4. How does Marius communicate as he falls into a crevasse?

5. What happens to the flesh of vampires as they age?

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