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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Enkil related to Akasha?
(a) Enkil is Akasha's husband.
(b) Enkil is Akasha's son.
(c) Enkil creates Akasha.
(d) Enkil doesn't know Akasha.

2. How does Azim feel about his life as a vampire?
(a) He revels in it and participates completely.
(b) He is indifferent, but resigned to fulfilling his need for blood.
(c) He longs every day to be human and mortal.
(d) He is disgusted at himself.

3. What surrounds Baby Jenks as she dies?
(a) A silvery net, liquid diamonds, and her mother's arms.
(b) Pure music, a bright light, and never-ending love.
(c) A blanket of warmth with the smell of heavenly flowers.
(d) Flames and fireworks that burst in rhythym to Lestat's music.

4. How does Daniel get involved in the vampire world?
(a) He interviewes the vampire Louis.
(b) He buys a house haunted by vampires in New Orleans.
(c) He stumbles into the wrong San Francisco bar by mistake.
(d) He drinks blood left in the office refrigerator, thinking it is V8.

5. What does the archeologist tell his patron when she arrives in Rio?
(a) That she would live forever, if she could find the twins' ruby.
(b) Nothing, he has already died.
(c) Nothing, he realizes she was a vampire with evil intent.
(d) That the twins are still alive, imprisoned in the jungle.

6. Why does Maharet decide, despite her earlier reluctance, to make Jesse into one of the undead?
(a) She has taken some bad acid at the concert and isn't thinking straight.
(b) She makes her undead out of anger that Jesse has disobeyed her and gone to the concert.
(c) Because Jesse is so badly injured, she is going to die.
(d) She realizes she is going to need all the allies she could get in the coming crisis.

7. What are <i>The Vampire Chronicles</i>?
(a) The on-going exploits at a school for dentistry.
(b) The saga of modern-day vampires fighting to save the human race.
(c) The history of giants of the newspaper industry.
(d) A band that got its start at Six Flags.

8. What does Akasha say to Marius just before she pushes him?
(a) "You've been a bad servant and I hate you."
(b) "You must forgive me. I'm going now."
(c) "You shouldn't have kept us in this icy vault."
(d) "You never changed the channel when I asked."

9. What revelation does the archeologist have on his deathbed?
(a) That his daughter is a vampire, the descendant of the twins.
(b) He realizes he wasted his life chasing an unimportant event.
(c) He finally recognizes that his benefactress was in love with him and wished to marry.
(d) He believes that his dreams have finally revealed what happened to the twins.

10. What has Baby Jenks seen while searching for the Fang Gang?
(a) She has seen big city vampires swinging from chandeliers in their covens.
(b) She has seen destroyed coven houses in Dallas, Oklahoma City, and St. Louis.
(c) She has seen Lestat dancing in a graveyard.
(d) She has seen her father kill her mother.

11. Whose idea is it to have the twins raped, and why?
(a) Akasha's, so her subjects would see the twins were mere mortals.
(b) Akasha's, because she is jealous of their long, glorious curls.
(c) Akasha's, because she is afraid they were gathering an army.
(d) Akasha's, so that she could make a stew of their innards.

12. How is the archeologist's discovery of the caves and the Legend of the Twins received in the academic world.
(a) Badly, he was exposed as a fraud and sent to prison.
(b) Badly, he became a laughingstock.
(c) Wonderfully, he became the subject of a series of movies starring Harrison Ford.
(d) Wonderfully, he received the Nobel Prize.

13. Identify one of Armand's major fears.
(a) He'll be caught robbing a blood bank.
(b) Daniel's mother will move to Miami.
(c) He will be alone through eternity.
(d) A Category 5 hurricane will destroy Night Island.

14. What does Baby Jenks feel as her mother dies?
(a) She feels aggravated and then she feels that her mother must have been the devil.
(b) She is sorrow-stricken, then gets angry that her mother has died and left her alone.
(c) First she feels impatient, then she feels that her mother was all-knowing.
(d) She feels sad her mother never knew of her success as a vampire.

15. What can always kill a vampire?
(a) Crosses and a stake through the heart.
(b) Fire and sun.
(c) Garlic and onions.
(d) Bleach and tabasco sauce.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Armand and Daniel do after becoming a couple?

2. What effect does drinking the blood of Marius have on Pandora?

3. What does the red-haired woman in Khayman's dream eat?

4. How does Lestat pass for human?

5. What are the Himalayas?

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