The Queen of the Damned Short Essay - Answer Key

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Short Essay Questions Key

1. What is one of the primary purposes of the Prologue of <i>The Queen of the Damned</i>? Why is that important?

One of the primary purposes of the prologue is to re-acquaint the readers with the events of the first two books. In doing so, it answers right away the cliffhanger that ended the second book, which was the question of whether Lestat survived. Since Lestat is the narrator, it seems apparent he survived.

2. Who is Lestat and what was his role in the second book of the <i>Chronicles of the Vampire</i>?

In the second book, the vampire Lestat was the main character. He was the star, with a successful record album, autobiography, and concert. He revealed the secrets of the vampires to the public and, for that betrayal, the other vampires wanted to kill him.

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