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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 7, Lestat: Kingdom of Heaven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Pandora know that Marius is in danger?
(a) She has a vague sense. There's something in the air she can't explain.
(b) She's dreamed about him falling into the ice.
(c) There was a front-page article in the Wall Street Journal.
(d) She's heard him "broadcasting" the danger alert, telepathically.

2. What is Marius' job?
(a) Assisting newly made vampires in adjusting to the transformation.
(b) Lobbying for research funds to cure anemia.
(c) Watching over Akasha and Enkil.
(d) Roadie in Lestat's band.

3. How does Akasha pass time while she sits on the golden throne?
(a) She creates complicated crossword puzzles in her mind.
(b) She imagines a world without vampires.
(c) She would inhabit the body of someone who walked the earth.
(d) She practices speaking foreign languages.

4. What happens when Akasha and Khayman see one another?
(a) They attempt to kill one another telepathically, but cannot.
(b) They realize they are attracted to one another, and join forces.
(c) They decide to travel together by train to San Francisco.
(d) They ignore one another, each hoping the other will disappear.

5. What is the "blood god" wearing when Akasha and Lestat arrive?
(a) A Juicy Couture velour sweat suit.
(b) A suit woven of the softest cashmere.
(c) A caftan of spun gold.
(d) A black silk turban and jeweled robes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Akasha's response when Lestat demands they go to his friends?

2. Does Jesse recognize right away that Maharet and Mael are vampires?

3. What does Daniel have to do to avoid being killed by Armand?

4. What enemy did Lestat slay when he was mortal?

5. What does Lestat do at Akasha's command and under the influence of her blood?

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