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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 2, Marius: Coming Together.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Khayman decide after his encounter with Akasha?
(a) That his resurrection must have something to do with Akasha, and he's sure she will tell him.
(b) That his resurrection must have something to do with Akasha, but he's not sure what.
(c) That he should avoid her at all costs by fleeing to another continent.
(d) That she might not be as bad as he remembers.

2. What does the Queen do just before getting to the concert hall?
(a) She feeds on a dozen homeless children to gain strength for what lay ahead.
(b) She destroys the San Francisco coven, then chases down and immolates any survivors.
(c) She has her nails and fangs "done" at a fancy spa.
(d) She warns city administrators telepathically that there is going to be a blood bath.

3. What does Lestat hope will happen at the concert?
(a) That mortals will recognize him as evil and want to destroy him.
(b) That his album will go platinum and he will buy Neverland Ranch.
(c) That other vampires will follow his lead and reveal themselves to humans.
(d) That his mother will meet a suitable vampire of her own age and get her own apartment.

4. How is Enkil related to Akasha?
(a) Enkil is Akasha's son.
(b) Enkil creates Akasha.
(c) Enkil is Akasha's husband.
(d) Enkil doesn't know Akasha.

5. How does Khayman know about the red-haired twins?
(a) He tries to save them from drowning.
(b) He rapes them at Enkil's command.
(c) The twins put Khayman into a centuries-long sleep.
(d) The twins are Khayman's sisters.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is worrying Azim when Pandora arrives to question him about Marius?

2. What does Maharet reveal to the gathering?

3. What is a legend?

4. The idea that Mekare is alive and sending the dreams causes what emotions among the older vampires?

5. What does the archeologist discover?

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