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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 2, Marius: Coming Together.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who surprises Khayman by showing up at the concert?
(a) Maharet and Miriam, the ghost of Jesse's mortal mother.
(b) Baby Jenks and the survivor of the St. Louis coven house.
(c) David Talbot and another member of the Talamasca; they are looking for Jesse.
(d) Danielle Steele, because she lives nearby.

2. What happens to the flesh of vampires as they age?
(a) It turns into a white, marble-like substance.
(b) It decays into a waxy, soap-like substance.
(c) It mummifies.
(d) It depends on how much they exercise.

3. One of the cave paintings depicted the twins handing over a treasure. Where was this cave located?
(a) Berlin.
(b) Palestine.
(c) Sumaria.
(d) Peru.

4. What is the treasure being handed over?
(a) A golden goblet containing the blood of the twins' mother.
(b) A ruby, which had been crystalized from the twins' blood.
(c) An ancient sword with mystical powers.
(d) A baby with red hair.

5. What are the Himalayas?
(a) A set of symptoms suffered by vampires who don't drink enough blood.
(b) A series of lakes in Great Britian, including Lockerbie.
(c) A singing group that chants traditional Hindu prayers.
(d) A major mountain range in Asia, containing Mt. Everest.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Maharet reveal to the gathering?

2. What is worrying Azim when Pandora arrives to question him about Marius?

3. What does Khayman do as he sees the Queen streak in from the forest, grab Lestat, and fly away with him in her arms?

4. What is the subject of the cave drawings?

5. What is Mael's theory regarding the Queen's motives in killing most vampires but allowing some to live?

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