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Cast this character!

Pick five characters from a television show and decide which of the vampires could fill that role. Give a reason or two for your choices. For example, there is a serial killer on television (Dexter) who only kills people who deserve it; which vampire could play that character? This could be done in teams, which would then challenge another team to guess their choices.

What's my line?

Have a panel of three to five people who ask questions of a character, one at a time, and then try to guess who that character is. Or have the panel ask questions of three characters in rotation in order to identify them.

Rent the 2002 movie, The Queen of the Damned

Based on the book, the movie stars Stuart Townsend, Aaliyah, Marguerite Moreau, and Vincent Perez. Does the singer Aaliyah fit your vision of the evil Akasha?

Write a rap, a poem, or a song.

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