The Queen of the Damned Character Descriptions

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The Vampire Lestat (Lestat de Lioncourt)

This character had planned to become a priest but ran away to Paris and became an actor. The character loves attention and will stir up trouble to avoid being bored.


Because of royal birth in a past life, this character has a superiority complex, is very mean-spirited, and hopes to become the god of a new religion.


This red-haired character has never gone dormant or crazy, despite having to take the eyes of victims in order to see.


This member of the First Brood was turned into a vampire as an experiment and has shockingly white skin that stands out in a crowd of humans.


This character hates being a blood drinker and only feeds on people who want to die.

Jesse Reese

This grandchild could see and speak to ghosts before being made a vampire.



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