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Peter Benchley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Burnham think Ivy was going to do with the papers in the wastebasket?
(a) Toss them in the trash shoot.
(b) Leave them for him to shred later.
(c) Shred them.
(d) Burn them.

2. Why does Ivy think her leg had stopped hurting?
(a) The leg was reacting to tranquility.
(b) The pills worked well.
(c) She had purchased some better shoes.
(d) She wasn't working anymore now that Jerome was home.

3. When he drags him into the car, what does Teal insist that Pym do?
(a) Leave Washington forever.
(b) Turn himself in to the FBI.
(c) Return to Russia.
(d) Inform ABC about the entire document leak.

4. How does Dyanna find out that Sarah had kicked Burnham out?
(a) Burnham told her over lunch.
(b) Hal from the "Y" told her Burnham had been staying there.
(c) Sarah had stopped by the office with his things.
(d) She overheard his phone conversation.

5. What does Burnham compare kissing Dyanna to?
(a) "Like kissing a Barbie doll."
(b) "As if a magazine model sprang to life and he kissed her".
(c) "Like a knight kissing his Queen".
(d) "To kiss her would be like a Beckett play to a college student."

6. What college is the President's nephew applying for?
(a) Harvard.
(b) Amherst.
(c) Yale.
(d) Princeton.

7. What does Burnham take from the locked closet in Epstein's office?
(a) A Gucci bag.
(b) Office supplies.
(c) A typewriter.
(d) Tapes.

8. How does Burnham know Toddy Thatcher?
(a) He went to college with him.
(b) He is Sarah's cousin.
(c) He doesn't say.
(d) He plays squash with him.

9. Who answers the phone when Burnham called the President?
(a) Epstein.
(b) The night guard.
(c) The Presidents wife.
(d) The President.

10. What is Burnham meditating on when Dyanna asked to speak with him?
(a) The relationship between he and Eva.
(b) His childhood bedroom.
(c) What should be done about the invasion.
(d) His marriage.

11. How many Percodans has Ivy taken before she went into Burnham's office?
(a) Two.
(b) One.
(c) Five.
(d) None.

12. What does Burnham sense he needed to do immediately after Eva told him she was a spy?
(a) Warn the President.
(b) Get Angry.
(c) Leave her.
(d) Turn her in.

13. What does Pym start doing before he finished the first paper?
(a) Making a cup of tea.
(b) Call Teal.
(c) Smiling at Eva.
(d) Perspire.

14. Where has the President placed a chair for Burnham at the Cabinet meeting?
(a) At the table closest to the door.
(b) Next to Cobb.
(c) Directly behind him.
(d) Under the window.

15. What sort of meal is Pym preparing as he speaks with Eva?
(a) Squid.
(b) Salmon.
(c) Steak.
(d) Chicken.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Eva and Burnham run to?

2. What Japanese film does Burnham refer to when speaking with Toddy?

3. As he gazes out the window, what is the President about to ask of Burnham?

4. How does Burnham compare being with Eva to being with Sarah?

5. When he leaves Burnham and Sarah in the Basement of the "Y", where does Hal go?

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