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Peter Benchley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As he gazes out the window, what is the President about to ask of Burnham?
(a) To give his opinion on the invasion of the Honduras.
(b) To move his office into Epstein's office.
(c) To tell the truth about Eva.
(d) To get back together with his wife.

2. What animal does Burnham compare Dyanna to?
(a) A lioness.
(b) A monkey.
(c) A horse.
(d) A Minx.

3. What are Hal, Eva and Burnham waiting for while they are eating Chinese food?
(a) The Presidential news conference.
(b) The FBI to find them.
(c) Pym to contact them.
(d) The Soviet Embassy to grant them asylum.

4. When he drags him into the car, what does Teal insist that Pym do?
(a) Leave Washington forever.
(b) Inform ABC about the entire document leak.
(c) Return to Russia.
(d) Turn himself in to the FBI.

5. What is Burnham's last piece of advice to Toddy?
(a) "Keep in touch with your family."
(b) "Find a better mechanic."
(c) "From now on, only take paying customers."
(d) "Sell the boat and be a decorator."

6. How does Burnham compare being with Eva to being with Sarah?
(a) Eva was more beautiful.
(b) Eva was more athletic.
(c) It was relaxing.
(d) Sarah had more patience.

7. What is Pym wishing when he turns away from Eva?
(a) That the phone would stop ringing.
(b) That Eva would be quiet.
(c) That he was a better liar.
(d) That he could drink until he was drunk.

8. What is Burnham's opinion of what to do about the Honduras?
(a) "We should leave them alone, help them out..."
(b) "We should bring in our troops and take over"
(c) "We should support a puppet government, that does what we ask"
(d) "We should let The USSR deal with them."

9. What does Dr. Johnson say about Patriotism?
(a) Its the last refuge of a scoundrel.
(b) Its the source of all comfort.
(c) Its the best way for a country to survive.
(d) Its the nobel life of the people.

10. Who answers the phone when Burnham called the President?
(a) Epstein.
(b) The night guard.
(c) The President.
(d) The Presidents wife.

11. When asked by a member of the press about the spy scandal, what does the President say?
(a) That he knew all along that Burnham was a spy.
(b) That the Soviet Union was way out of line.
(c) That Burnham will be caught and brought to justice.
(d) That he was shocked at Burnham's betrayal.

12. What is Burnham grateful for the President never asking him?
(a) What he is going to do about Sarah.
(b) His own advice.
(c) How he feels about Eva.
(d) How he feels about his job.

13. What does Burnham want to do because he felt patriotic?
(a) Make sure he shreds all his Top Secret documents.
(b) Invade someone.
(c) Investigate Mr. Pym.
(d) Salute the flag.

14. What does the President ask Burnham at the Cabinet meeting?
(a) If he wanted a Fresca.
(b) What Eva was doing that night.
(c) What he thought about what was being reported.
(d) If he needed a ride home.

15. What is the first insult that Teal says to Pym?
(a) "You are dressed like an old spy".
(b) "There was talk maybe you'd gone out of business".
(c) "You seem out of your element".
(d) "I am suprised you found this place".

Short Answer Questions

1. What lie did Lyndon Johnson tell about his grandfather?

2. What does Christopher inform Burnham about from the school bus window?

3. Who is Teal talking about to when he said "B-12 has gone bad"?

4. How does Dyanna find out that Sarah had kicked Burnham out?

5. What is the name of the bar Teal wanted to meet in?

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