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Peter Benchley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Burnham get the door off the locked closet in Epstein's office?
(a) With a screw driver.
(b) With a hammer.
(c) With a knife.
(d) With his belt.

2. What does Dr. Johnson say about Patriotism?
(a) Its the best way for a country to survive.
(b) Its the nobel life of the people.
(c) Its the last refuge of a scoundrel.
(d) Its the source of all comfort.

3. Why does Dyanna not like Eva?
(a) She was jealous of Eva.
(b) She saw Eva as a destabilizing influence on Burnham.
(c) The office seemed crowded when Eva was around.
(d) Eva was a better cook.

4. What is Burnham grateful for the President never asking him?
(a) How he feels about his job.
(b) How he feels about Eva.
(c) His own advice.
(d) What he is going to do about Sarah.

5. Where has the President placed a chair for Burnham at the Cabinet meeting?
(a) Under the window.
(b) Directly behind him.
(c) At the table closest to the door.
(d) Next to Cobb.

6. How does Pym get in to the crowded bar?
(a) He went in the back door.
(b) He bribed the bouncer.
(c) He pretended to be a police officer.
(d) He waited until the crowd thinned out.

7. Where are the document leaks that the President refers to?
(a) In the standard routing procedures.
(b) Within the DOE.
(c) From the Oval Office.
(d) From the secretary pool.

8. Where does Eva and Burnham run to?
(a) Eva's apartment.
(b) The train station
(c) The airport.
(d) The Y.

9. Who does Burnham want to call after he found his new office?
(a) Eva.
(b) Christopher.
(c) Sarah.
(d) Derry.

10. What does the President like about Burnham's suggestion on the invasion?
(a) It was a peaceful solution to a complex problem.
(b) It would save the taxpayers' money.
(c) It insulted every one from Johnson Democrats to Reagan Republicans.
(d) It ended the meeting in a timely fashion.

11. What is Burnham meditating on when Dyanna asked to speak with him?
(a) His childhood bedroom.
(b) His marriage.
(c) What should be done about the invasion.
(d) The relationship between he and Eva.

12. Who answers the phone when Burnham called the President?
(a) The night guard.
(b) Epstein.
(c) The Presidents wife.
(d) The President.

13. After Burnham comes up with his plan about blackmailing him, who briefs Mario Epstein?
(a) Pym
(b) Hal.
(c) Burnham.
(d) The President.

14. What is Pym wishing when he turns away from Eva?
(a) That he could drink until he was drunk.
(b) That he was a better liar.
(c) That the phone would stop ringing.
(d) That Eva would be quiet.

15. What does Burnham think Ivy was going to do with the papers in the wastebasket?
(a) Shred them.
(b) Leave them for him to shred later.
(c) Toss them in the trash shoot.
(d) Burn them.

Short Answer Questions

1. When he leaves the basement of the "Y", where does Burnham go?

2. What choice does Burnham have about Eva?

3. What Tom Sawyer character does Dyanna's new behavior remind Burnham of?

4. What does Burnham want to do because he felt patriotic?

5. What does the President offer to let Burnham use?

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