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Peter Benchley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Teal name that Pym actually had information on?
(a) Benjamin T. Wislow.
(b) Cobb.
(c) Burnham.
(d) The pasha of Banda.

2. What is the last item on the table from the envelope Teal had sent to Pym?
(a) A fountain pen that shot needles.
(b) Pills.
(c) A pair of reading glasses.
(d) One hundred hundred dollar bills.

3. What does the "Burnham Memo" that Burnham finds in Epsteins office say?
(a) To shoot Burnham on sight.
(b) To escort Burnham directly to the President.
(c) To apprehend Burnham.
(d) To ask Burnham to please leave the area.

4. What does Ivy do when she hears the news about the document leaks?
(a) Calls the TV station.
(b) Tries to get out of the apartment without being seen.
(c) Calls the police.
(d) Makes plans to go to Bermuda.

5. What does Dyanna learn from Connie and Dolores?
(a) That the President was having an affair.
(b) That Thursday was the best day to go out for lunch.
(c) That Epstein planted the bug in Sarah's car.
(d) That Pym was under investigation by the FBI.

6. What are Hal, Eva and Burnham waiting for while they are eating Chinese food?
(a) The Presidential news conference.
(b) Pym to contact them.
(c) The FBI to find them.
(d) The Soviet Embassy to grant them asylum.

7. At the news conference, what does the President say Americans have of our own?
(a) Document Shredders.
(b) Gremlins.
(c) Lasers.
(d) Spys.

8. What does the President ask Burnham at the Cabinet meeting?
(a) If he needed a ride home.
(b) If he wanted a Fresca.
(c) What he thought about what was being reported.
(d) What Eva was doing that night.

9. What does Burnham compare kissing Dyanna to?
(a) "To kiss her would be like a Beckett play to a college student."
(b) "As if a magazine model sprang to life and he kissed her".
(c) "Like a knight kissing his Queen".
(d) "Like kissing a Barbie doll."

10. What Ancient Greek city does Pym compare the bar to?
(a) Sybaris.
(b) Athens.
(c) Sparta.
(d) Apollonia.

11. Who is Teal talking about to when he said "B-12 has gone bad"?
(a) The President.
(b) Eva.
(c) Epstein.
(d) Burnham.

12. What lie did Lyndon Johnson tell about his grandfather?
(a) That he saved several thousands of dollars by not drinking.
(b) That he died at the Alamo.
(c) That he was a poor farmer.
(d) That he never agreed with slavery,

13. How does Dyanna find out that Sarah had kicked Burnham out?
(a) Sarah had stopped by the office with his things.
(b) Burnham told her over lunch.
(c) She overheard his phone conversation.
(d) Hal from the "Y" told her Burnham had been staying there.

14. How does Burnham get the door off the locked closet in Epstein's office?
(a) With a screw driver.
(b) With a knife.
(c) With his belt.
(d) With a hammer.

15. What is the first insult that Teal says to Pym?
(a) "You are dressed like an old spy".
(b) "There was talk maybe you'd gone out of business".
(c) "You seem out of your element".
(d) "I am suprised you found this place".

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eva say about Burnham being in love with her?

2. What is Burnham's last piece of advice to Toddy?

3. What gift has the President offered Burnham?

4. After Burnham comes up with his plan about blackmailing him, who briefs Mario Epstein?

5. When he leaves Burnham and Sarah in the Basement of the "Y", where does Hal go?

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