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Peter Benchley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Mr. Pym done for Ivy in the past?
(a) Taken care of a customs problem in Bermuda.
(b) Loaned Ivy his car.
(c) Given her and Jerome extra work from time to time.
(d) He had gotten Ivy a United States Passport.

2. What city does Pinsky jump ship in?
(a) Washington, DC
(b) Boston, MA.
(c) New York, New York.
(d) Halifax, Nova Scotia.

3. What does Burnham say to Sarah about his reason for writing for the President?
(a) He couldn't get another job.
(b) That he agrees with the President.
(c) He does it for the power.
(d) That he does it for the money.

4. How does Ivy know she has "struck the mother lode" when she enters the office?
(a) She sees a POTUS phone.
(b) She sees the shredder.
(c) She can tell by the room number.
(d) Signed photos of the President and Burnham are on the wall.

5. Why does Mr. Joslin think that Jerome failed typing?
(a) He believes typing is an extremely difficult class.
(b) He believes Jerome lacks discipline.
(c) He thinks boys just can't type.
(d) He knows there are not enough typewriters available to students.

6. Why is Pym giving Ivy the Percodan?
(a) His insurance covers pain killers.
(b) To get her hooked.
(c) To relieve her pain.
(d) She can sell them for extra cash.

7. What kind of information will Burnham have access to with "Q" status?
(a) Personel files.
(b) The President's agenda
(c) Atomic energy documents.
(d) Classified computer disks containing information from the CIA.

8. How does Pym get custody of Eva?
(a) He wins custody in divorce court.
(b) He buys her.
(c) Louises father insisits that he take Eva.
(d) Louise is sent to jail because she is a Nazi.

9. What does Burnham find out about the pasha of Banda?
(a) That he couldn't speak English.
(b) That he was a murderous dictator.
(c) That he was gravely ill.
(d) That he owed millions of dollars to the World Bank.

10. What is stapled to the door of Derry's room?
(a) A poster of Lenin.
(b) A poster of Arthur Scargill.
(c) A poster of Carl Marx.
(d) A poster of Che Guevera.

11. What is Burnham's astrological sign?
(a) Capricorn.
(b) Taurus.
(c) Libra.
(d) Leo.

12. How long has it been since Burnham had a drink?
(a) One year.
(b) Six months.
(c) Two years.
(d) One month.

13. What has Mr. Pym said he was a collector of that Ivy could get for him in return for his help?
(a) Signed baseballs.
(b) Old Stamps.
(c) Coins.
(d) "People Trivia"

14. When he meets him at the Mess, what does Cobb have to tell Burnham about?
(a) That he was installing a POTUS phone in Burnham's office that day.
(b) That the White House had, in fact, bugged his wife's car.
(c) The President requested him to write a toast speech for a dinner.
(d) That a mandatory staff meeting was happening that morning.

15. Although he is actually a speech writer for the President of the U.S.A, who does Timothy Burnham "officially" work for?
(a) The Department of Energy.
(b) The Central Intelligence Agency.
(c) The American Broadcasting System.
(d) The Washington Post.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why will Mr. Joslin not bend the rules for Jerome?

2. What sort of meeting does Pym meet Louise at?

3. What does Pym promise to give Ivy before she leaves?

4. Why was Eva in Jail?

5. What are Burnham's parting words to Epstein as he is leaving the Mess?

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