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Peter Benchley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who can call on a POTUS phone?
(a) The President of The United States.
(b) The Washington DC police.
(c) The CIA.
(d) The Soviet Ambassador.

2. Why does Pym want to go for a walk with Eva?
(a) For the exercise.
(b) To make sure Ivy's cab went the right direction.
(c) To tell her he was a Soviet spy.
(d) He wanted to buy some cigarettes.

3. The toaster and the coffee maker in the kitchen are from which foreign countries?
(a) Mexico and Canada.
(b) Thailand and Denmark.
(c) China and the Phillipines.
(d) Japan and Germany.

4. What makes Burnham decide to take the bus to work instead of a cab?
(a) The light changed.
(b) He was running too late to walk.
(c) He enjoyed the people he met on the bus.
(d) The couple asleep in the car had frightened him.

5. How long has Burnham been married to Sarah?
(a) Fifteen years.
(b) Eighteen years.
(c) Twenty years.
(d) Twenty five years.

6. Although he is actually a speech writer for the President of the U.S.A, who does Timothy Burnham "officially" work for?
(a) The Washington Post.
(b) The Department of Energy.
(c) The Central Intelligence Agency.
(d) The American Broadcasting System.

7. What does the Majority Leader of the United States Senate say about the President's choice for the Vice President?
(a) "We need to select a female Vice President."
(b) "This man is a war criminal."
(c) "I admire this man immensely."
(d) "But he's a bigoted, bullheaded ignoramus."

8. What does Mr. Pym say to Ivy that makes her think he could help her?
(a) "I can forge anything".
(b) "Sometimes you have to bend the rules to survive".
(c) "Let me know if I can help you with anything".
(d) "Free enterprise means you are free to help yourself...".

9. When he meets him at the Mess, what does Cobb have to tell Burnham about?
(a) That he was installing a POTUS phone in Burnham's office that day.
(b) That a mandatory staff meeting was happening that morning.
(c) That the White House had, in fact, bugged his wife's car.
(d) The President requested him to write a toast speech for a dinner.

10. What does Ivy think that Mr. Pym wants?
(a) He wants memorabilia from the White House.
(b) He wants "dirt "on people in order to help his business grow.
(c) He wants classified information from a person with "Q" status.
(d) He wants to help her and Jerome.

11. Who does Sarah work for?
(a) Ted Kennedy.
(b) Department of Justice.
(c) Warren Beatty.
(d) Dick Cavett.

12. What does Mr. Renfro bring to Burnham's office?
(a) Orders for a new office.
(b) A document shredder.
(c) A POTUS phone.
(d) Burnham's new pass for his "Q" clearance.

13. What city does Pinsky jump ship in?
(a) New York, New York.
(b) Washington, DC
(c) Boston, MA.
(d) Halifax, Nova Scotia.

14. Why does Sergeant T have Burnham halt at the guard house?
(a) Sergeant T didn't recongnize Burnham.
(b) Burnham isn't wearing his pass.
(c) Seargant T was accustomed to Burnham drivng his car, not walking.
(d) Seargant T had a message for Burnham from the President.

15. Why will Mr. Joslin not bend the rules for Jerome?
(a) He believes it would be unfair.
(b) He dosn't like Jerome.
(c) He is afraid he will be caught.
(d) He enjoys being cruel to single mothers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Burnham working on as the story opens?

2. What is stapled to the door of Derry's room?

3. What is "the boom factor" ?

4. What are Burnham's parting words to Epstein as he is leaving the Mess?

5. What sort of whale oil is an effective lubricant for the trigger devices of a hydrogen bomb?

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