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Peter Benchley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Burnham drops his Pass?
(a) He rips his pants.
(b) An alarm goes off in the guard house.
(c) The person behind him picks it up.
(d) Seargant T laughs at him.

2. What does Mr. Pym say to Ivy that makes her think he could help her?
(a) "Sometimes you have to bend the rules to survive".
(b) "Free enterprise means you are free to help yourself...".
(c) "I can forge anything".
(d) "Let me know if I can help you with anything".

3. Why is Ivy Peniston so upset about Jerome failing typing?
(a) She believes her son is lazy.
(b) He will not graduate in time to get a job he has been offered.
(c) She thiks he may be dealing drugs.
(d) She understands that typing is a very important subject.

4. According to this book, how many workers are on the White House staff?
(a) 175.
(b) 75.
(c) 314.
(d) 50.

5. Why does Pym choose Nebraska as a biographical core for his American identity?
(a) Nebraska reminded him of his homeland.
(b) The Nebraska accent.
(c) His superiors had instructed him to use Nebraska for this purpose.
(d) He wasn't familiar with any other states.

6. What is Pinsky terrified of in Annapolis?
(a) Soft shell crabs.
(b) Being uncovered as a spy.
(c) Americans.
(d) Not having enough money.

7. How does the President feel about Epstein?
(a) He respected his politcal savvy.
(b) He relied on his connections to the CIA.
(c) He didn't like him but he needed him.
(d) He needed the votes he could bring in from Louisiana.

8. What makes Burnham decide to take the bus to work instead of a cab?
(a) He enjoyed the people he met on the bus.
(b) The light changed.
(c) The couple asleep in the car had frightened him.
(d) He was running too late to walk.

9. What do members of the White House staff think about being assigned to the E.O.B. ?
(a) It had a great cafeteria.
(b) It was exile.
(c) It was a great promotion.
(d) It was to close to the Vice Presidental Offices.

10. How does Sarah demonstrate that she is serious about one of them leaving?
(a) She dressed in a tweed suit.
(b) She insists he resign from his job.
(c) She packed one suitcase for him and one suitcase for her.
(d) She offers to leave if he can take care of the children.

11. What has Mr. Pym said he was a collector of that Ivy could get for him in return for his help?
(a) Coins.
(b) Old Stamps.
(c) Signed baseballs.
(d) "People Trivia"

12. After he confronts Epstein in the Mess, why does Burnham feel terrific?
(a) He was honored to be writing the speech for the President.
(b) He had become an actor instead of a reactor.
(c) He was starting to feel better about his personal problems.
(d) He felt well taken care of by Cobb.

13. What kind of information will Burnham have access to with "Q" status?
(a) Personel files.
(b) Atomic energy documents.
(c) Classified computer disks containing information from the CIA.
(d) The President's agenda

14. How does Eva know so much about vitamins?
(a) From one of her Greenpeace colleagues.
(b) She helped her father with his vitamins.
(c) She studied nutrition in school.
(d) She took a lot of vitamins herself.

15. What threat from his superiors in the Soviet Union prompts Pym to "prowl the perimeters of the White house" ?
(a) The threat of losing Eva.
(b) The threat of being exposed as a spy.
(c) The threat of losing his business.
(d) The threat of being sent home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Burnham want Mr. Renfro to explain?

2. The first morning after Sarah kicked him out and he is having coffee in the Mess, why is Burnham humming when Cobb showed up at his table?

3. Why is Burnham getting "Q" Clearance?

4. Where is Epstein's second POTUS. phone located?

5. Why does Pym want to go for a walk with Eva?

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