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Peter Benchley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to this book, what is the unemployment rate for black males in Washington DC at the time?
(a) Fifty percent.
(b) Fifteen percent.
(c) Twenty two percent.
(d) Ten percent.

2. What does Mr. Pym say to Ivy that makes her think he could help her?
(a) "Sometimes you have to bend the rules to survive".
(b) "I can forge anything".
(c) "Free enterprise means you are free to help yourself...".
(d) "Let me know if I can help you with anything".

3. What kind of information will Burnham have access to with "Q" status?
(a) The President's agenda
(b) Atomic energy documents.
(c) Classified computer disks containing information from the CIA.
(d) Personel files.

4. What is Mr Renfro's last comment to Burnham?
(a) "I'm afraid, Mr Burnham, that you have no choice but to....grow up."
(b) "Its only fair to tell you, you worry me."
(c) "You could appeal to the President to have you transferred."
(d) "I do hope you learn to take it seriously."

5. Burnham's wife, Sarah, says that Derry's pubescent radicalism was due to what?
(a) Burnham's decision to work for the President.
(b) Sarah's lack of time to spend with Derry.
(c) Her disdain of rock stars.
(d) A healthy superego.

6. Who does Sarah work for?
(a) Department of Justice.
(b) Dick Cavett.
(c) Ted Kennedy.
(d) Warren Beatty.

7. What does Mr. Renfro bring to Burnham's office?
(a) Orders for a new office.
(b) A document shredder.
(c) A POTUS phone.
(d) Burnham's new pass for his "Q" clearance.

8. What is stapled to the door of Derry's room?
(a) A poster of Lenin.
(b) A poster of Arthur Scargill.
(c) A poster of Carl Marx.
(d) A poster of Che Guevera.

9. Why does Pym blush when Eva asks why he is interested in the prescription?
(a) He has just spilled sherry while filling up Eva's glass.
(b) He has had to much sherry.
(c) He is embarrased to have Ivy in the house.
(d) He is lying to Eva.

10. The first morning after Sarah kicked him out and he is having coffee in the Mess, why is Burnham humming when Cobb showed up at his table?
(a) To hide the fact he was upset about his personal problems.
(b) To hum along to the tunes playing on the Mess sound system.
(c) Humming was a constant activity for him.
(d) To block out the conversation at the next table.

11. Why is Mr. Pym interested in Ivy?
(a) She works in the White House complex.
(b) He would like to date her.
(c) She is a good cook.
(d) She seems like she needs help and he likes to help people.

12. What has Mr. Pym said he was a collector of that Ivy could get for him in return for his help?
(a) Old Stamps.
(b) Coins.
(c) "People Trivia"
(d) Signed baseballs.

13. Burnham's son, Christopher, is reading the horoscope from which magazine?
(a) Sports Illustrated.
(b) The Lampoon.
(c) Rolling Stone.
(d) NewsWeek.

14. What is "Q" Clearance?
(a) Access to the President and his staff any time, day or night.
(b) Permission to write and read important "for your eyes only" memos.
(c) Clearance to be able to ask the President any question about policy.
(d) A very high secret clearance authorization.

15. Who are the two people Ivy sees in the corridor?
(a) Burnham and Dyanna.
(b) Cobbs and Seargant T.
(c) Renfro and Burnham.
(d) Epstein and Witt.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long has Burnham been married to Sarah?

2. Why was Eva in Jail?

3. Why is Pym giving Ivy the Percodan?

4. Whose speech does Burnham hear while at college in 1960?

5. How much does Pym pay Louise to divorce him?

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