Q Clearance Short Essay - Answer Key

Peter Benchley
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1. Describe Timothy Burnham's job.

Timothy Burnham is a Presidential speech writer. As the chapter opens, Burnham is engaged with writing a speech about a National Day of Prayer. He is irritated with this process, noting that the Constitution makes it clear that "Its none of the President's business who prays when, how, or to whom.".

2. Does Burnham want "Q" clearance?

Burnham is not at all interested in the status of "Q" clearance. He unsuccessfully tries to talk Renfro out of giving him the clearance.

3. What does Renfro not have a sense of humor about?

Apparently Renfro does not have a sense of humor about the subject of "Q" clearance. Burnham makes up jokes and absurd scenarios about the clearance throughout the entire interview and this angers Renfro.

4. What confuses Burnham about his "Q" status?

Burnham doesn't know anything about atomic energy. He wouldn't even know enough to discern what information he should withhold from people.

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